"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

You’ll Never Know

Aug 3, 1943
8:30 P.M.

Hello Darling,

Well kid here goes again like I said I would, gee hon I gave you heck in my letter this morning cause I hadn’t heard from you, and at noon I got two letters, and in one I find that swell picture case, gee honey its sure keen, honest nut when I got the letter I thought you had written a book or something, anyway I have your pictures in it, and I’m looking at them right this minute honey, you sure look cute. Honey how was the furniture that you looked at? nice I’ll bet! gee I sure wish I could have been with you, gee nut were really going to have fun doing that, aren’t we, ah me.

Guess where I am hon! well I’m in the (guard house) I’m on guard again, its not bad on me cause all I have to do is take out the reliefs, there are three of us corporals and we each have so many men, my men go out from 6 to 8 and from 12 til 2, all I do is take it easy, honey the post exchange is right next door to us, and they are playing our song! (You’ll Never Know) honest honey it really gets me, and I’ve got all of you pictures right in front of me, darling I’m going to tell you again that I love you cause nut your my gal, what a lucky guy I am. I should the boys your pictures hon and they sure said you were a honey, I almost busted the buttons on my shirt cause when they talk like that I feel proud as a cock cause your my gal. Gee hon I forgot to tell you we don’t have any prisoners as yet, we just sleep here.

Man! I hope Lil didn’t hurt herself when she fell, tell her to tke it easy huh, hon I’m glad that you get that extra day off, cause then you’ll have time to write me a real long letter, that’s me always thinking of my self, no kiddin tho now you can get in some beauty sleep, boy that’s really a deal tho 5 days one week and 6 the other. (The Constant Nymph) is playing in camp next Friday so I guess I’ll have to go, it really was goo huh? Well that settles it I’m going, hope I don’t cry tho, ha, I can take it

Well hon tomorrow we get off til noon cause of being guard. I haven’t heard anything about the (Air Corp) as yet hon but, I’m studying every chance that I get, cause other than you darling, that means every thing to me, cause I want to be able to do something other than shoot a gun after this was.

Darling I have to get a little sleep now so I’ll close until tomorrow the, Good night sweet- heart. And I love you.


Say hello to Lil and Pop and I hope they are having a grand time for themselves on their vacation. Say hello to Nancy too, and tell her the boys go for her. ((Your taken kid )

(I love you)

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