"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Would It Be Wrong

Aug 11, 1943
9:15 P.M.

Hello Darling,

I didn’t write much last night so I’ll try and make it up, I went down to the P.S. tonight we and we all had 4 beers, gee it sure tasted good, cause it was sure cold, and being so darn hot here they really hit the spot. Honey I’m in our dayroom writing this and I have my shirt off, and, the sweat is just dripping off of my arms. Gee nut I was sure thrilled today cause I got two of your letters, and they sure hit the spot. Darling I think its swell that you put the same amount in the bank, and that extra ten, boy that was sure swell Hon. And darling I want to marry you before the war is over no matter what, but honey I wouldn’t dare think of having you down here is this hole, so that’s settled, but darling when I get to a good spot I’ll send for you, cause honey I want to be with you so much sometimes I go half nut around here, just planning to be with you Hon. Gee it really gets me honey, I guess we both feel the same.

About that record hon gee it would be keen if you could get one, then we could look back and say that’s our song. Gee its really fun planning hon isn’t it. theres another on I like real well hon, its called (Would It Be Wrong) when I hear it I sure get the blues, gee its real pretty.

Honey I’m really glad that your folks like me hon, cause it makes a guy feel pretty swell and nut I’ll make the best husband you ever had, honey I’ll work my fingers to the bone for you, cause your everything to me darling. And hon I love you more than I can ever express in the letters.

Honey I’ll have to close for now and I’ll finish answering your other letter tomorrow. So sleep tight nut, and darling I’m still telling you I love you, I’ll always say it.

Love and Kisses

Say hello to Lil and Pop, and Nancy.

(I Love You)

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