"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Worried About Passing

Aug 13, 1943
9:00 PM.


Gee what a day, we got up at 5:00 A.M, course we were in the field, man we really had it soft. I went to the dentist this after noon, and he filled three teeth for me so now I’m all set.

Guess what happened today hon? that memo finally came down from Btn. and I’m going half nuts around here, it’s for Flying cadet, and I just got back from Btn. Hq. I made out my application, honest hon I’m so darn nervous I can’t even write, honey I’m so worried about passing that test its not funny, cause this really depends on our future, cause I want to learn something, so some day we can take it easy. Darling if I fail to pass, it’ll just about kill me, so hon please say a prayer for me.

I’m so nervous and yet so thrilled, cause to top that off I got your letter and card today, honest darling they were swell.

Now to answer your other letter. I had better get on the ball. (huh) Hon don’t mind the writing cause I’m just shaking.

I don’t blame you for getting scared, cause those guns do me too sometimes, wish I could have been there to keep you real safe hon, ha, ha,

Gee that will be swell if Mrs. McGill make those pajamas for you, honey with those and your silex and my radio, why we’re all set, ha, ha, I think its really swell that your starting a (hope chest) and nut I’ll get Mom on the ball and see what she can make for you. (O.K.)

Boy do I ever wish I could have a beer with you at the lake gee I’ll bet you had fun. Did you have one on me hon? how was it? man! I can almost taste it.

Gee I’ve kinda calmed down a little, gee I sure was excited tho. I guess anyone would after waiting six months in this hole, for a chance like this.

We are getting up at three in the morning cause we have to go out and fire again. Do you know what hon? this will be the third Saturday since I’ve seen you, gee I hope we can get married real soon, cause honey I miss you something awful, let’s hope it won’t be too far off. I got a bawling out from Batler tonight cause he called me six times, and he actually counted them and I didn’t even hear him, so he tore into me, and asked me what the heck was the matter, see what you do to me. Well darling I guess I’ll have to close now cause I have to write to Mom.

Remember nut! I love you, and I can’t can hardly wait till we get married.

Love and Kisses

Tell Lil and pop I said hello, also Nancy and tell her not to worry to much about Jimmy.

(I Love You)

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