"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Where We Parked

Aug 3, 1943

Hi Honey

We just got in from a ten mile hike, and are we ever corked, we started out at 6:00 this morning and hiked til 9:00, so now we have an hour and a half to our selves, so I thought I had better write to my honey.

Gee Joe Kapinus my buddy dropped out, so when we got back they went out in a jeep to pick him up, he’s O.K. now tho. Honey I think I got all of that beer out of my system cause I sure did sweat

You know something? Well I guess I had better tell you! (I love you) gee nut I still can’t get over the fun we had, remember our secluded spot, you know the road where we parked, the road where hardly any cars went by, (much) ha, ha, man! that was really a kick, every time I’d go to kiss you swish a car would go by, next time were going to park on Hollywood Blvd. and they won’t even notice us, huh.

I haven’t heard from you in two days, so I had better get one this noon or else I’ll be in a bad mood, and you know how I am. So get on the ball kid. Honey? how was your first day back to work? pretty tough huh! don’t forget hon save your money so we can get married, ha, ha, don’t forget nut I’m only kiddin gee honey I’ll bet it will be fun eating off of a box, coarse we’ll have to sit on the floor, but we’ll get use to it after after a year or so, ha, ha, some fun. I have a radio too, pretty good, huh, all kidding aside honey I really do think we would do O.K. tho, cause I would work my heard off for you nut, Well sweetheart I’ll close now and I’ll write tonight, be a good girl now, and don’t forget I love you always.

Love and Kisses


Say hello to Lil and Pop for me.

(I love you)

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