"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

We’ll Soon Find Out

Aug 15, 1943


Last night when I got back from the hosp. I walked into the barracks, and there on my bunk bed lay two letters from you, (air mail too) I almost went nuts trying to open them. Honey I’m sure you can cook chicken like other people all you have to do is try it a few times, and Lil has plenty of em for you to practice on ha, ha, no matter what you cook I’ll eat it. And hon we wont discuss your joining the Waac’s cause that’s positively out, hon don’t even mention the fact about joining, cause I’ll sure blow my top. hon don’t think I’m mad now, cause I’m not, anyway nut like you said we’ll wait til I get home.

O.K. honey we’ll plan on Berkeley then but another thing hon it depends on how I make out in the Air Corp. maybe we’ll have to live where there’s an air craft plant. cause hon I’m determined to get into that field.

Honey about Lil and pop wanting us to have a wedding, that would really be doing things right, honestly nut I really don’t know what to say, cause I think, in fact I know I’d be scared to death. that’s me all over. It would be something to remember tho. so kid I’ll leave it up to you, cause, you know best.

About buying a towel or something that’s really cute and nut I’ll give you all the cooperation you need. (O.K.)

Tell Nancy to get on the ball and make up her mind, cause Jim sounds like he’s o.k.

Honey when we get married I’m sure my Grandpa will buy us a “chesterfield”, I hope, anyway it’ll be something in that line. How did that set look hon? nice I’ll bet, and I’m sure I can fix it up, with your help. Honey about your books, that was real cute but I don’t think we’ll have time to read ha, ha, cause honey I’m going to loving you every minute, man! can you ever take it. Just as soon as I get finished writing I’m going to study, cause hon I just have to pass that test, any way we’ll soon find out.

Did I tell you I loved you yet. well here goes – darling I love you and I miss you real much, and darling I can’t wait to be with you. so there. (don’t mention nothing) ha, ha, remember Franks old saying? good old Frankie I wonder how the old boy is doing with the beer situation. Darling Im going to close now cause I want to get a little book learnin. So until tomorrow nut.

Say hello to Lil and pop also Grandma & pa, and tell Nancy to get on the ball.

Love & Kisses

I love you darling.

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