"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Washed Out

April 7, 1944
9:00 A.M.

Hi Honey:

I have physics this period have my experiments all through so I thought I’d write to my gal. So far this week I flunked just about every subject I have except English and it’s a wonder I haven’t failed that too.

I just don’t give a darn to study anymore that goes for the rest of the boys, too. Yesterday I went to the dentist and got two small cavities filled so now I’m all set again.

Honey I got the nicest Easter card from Mom yesterday honest it was a honey – I’m going to confessions tonight and you be sure and go too honey so you can receive communion Sunday.

Gee I do wish I could be with you Easter. I may as well wish for a million dollars while I’m at it cause they’re both out, period!
We get to stay out till 11:30 tonight so Woody and I are going out and drink beer for a while, ha, ha, boy do we like our beer.

Honey you ought to see some of these civilians going to school here, honest it’s a sight. Their whole football team is 4-F, you’d never know it to look at them, the jerks.

Each one of us got a letter from General Arnold telling us how sorry I felt that we were eliminated boy that’s tough.

This has been surely a rowdy bunch since we washed out, they just don’t give a damn for anything anymore. This is the first place in the Army where we have been treated like human beings and living half way decent.

Honey this is it for now cause it’s almost time to go to my Geography class.

I love you Mary.


Say hello to Lil and Geo, and Gramps and Gram. Tell Nancy to remember me to Jimmy when she writes him.

(I love you.)

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