"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Waiting A Long Time

Aug 22, 1943
Sunday 10:15 A.M.

Hello Darling:

I just got back from church, and while I was at mass or I should say after mass, I had a talk with the priest, so now hon I have to take lessons again, starting Tuesday, and Jake was there with me, he is going to be my God-father, only tomorrow he is leaving. I think he may be sent over seas, anyway I’ll have Joe Kapinus take his place, I guess I will become baptized in a week or so from the way he talked, then honeI’ll be all set, gee I really feel swell now, cause I’ve been waiting a long time now to become a Catholic. Honey last night I studied til the lights went out, so this after noon I’m going to do some more gee to much isn’t to good either, yesterday I had to go up to battalion, and see about my application, they checked it over, and every thing is O.K., so they sent it in to the Grenada Air Base, they will look it over there and then send for me to take the test, one kid took it and he said it was really rugged, its got me worried stiff, I’m just going to take it easy tho, cause its best not to get excited.

Honey I sure wish I could have been with you last night, Saturday night, gee we could have really torn up the town, gee I’m really blue, What the heck am I saying, honey I wish that I could be with you always, cause darling I love you, and every time I have your pictures right in front of me. the time I wrote to you in the field was the first time I didn’t have them.

Honey whats this deal about me being (fat) you know darn well I’m all muscle (ahem!) ha, ha,!! just so you like me the way I am hon, that’s swell, cause if you want me to lose weight I will hon!!

Honey they just had mail call, and I didn’t get any letter from you today, so I’m sure I’ll get two tomorrow. any way I had better. Darling I love you, and I can hardly wait til we can get married, lets hope its real soon huh!! Darling I’ll have to cut this short cause I have to wash my clothes and get back to my book learning, Say hello to Lil and Geo, and also Grandpa and Ma, tell Nancy I said hello too.

Darling I love you and miss you more too!!


(I Love You Darling)

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