"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Try For The Air Corp

Aug 2, 1943

Hello Darling,

Hows my honey? lonesome? me too! Well kid today was really my first day back to the old grind we got up at 4:30 A.M. and was it ever raining, we had to march out to the rifle ranage this morning, only I got to ride out cause I was to be a telephone operator, (what a break) you know I’m not use to this stuff after that work out you gave me, ha, ha,

Honey I’d give anything to be with you right this minute, darling I really do miss you, boy and that’s no kiddin, honey I want to be with you so much it’s not even funny. Honey every time I think of the fun we had together I feel like I want to hit the road, but that’s out.

Gee the way the boys are talking here it sounds like we are going to pull out of here in about 5 weeks, anyway time will tell. They also said now that we are in the 9th Corps that we may head for the west coast, boy that sounds O.K. to me, but honey I’m still going to try for the Air Corp, and every chance I get when I’m not writing to you and Mom I study, I got a letter from Mom today hon, and she’s just nuts about you Frank too, and Mom said it was about time that we had an Irishman in the family, that goes for me too, cause I sure have a honey.

Honey its about 8:30 P.M. and is it ever hot, I guess its about 112 degrees in the barracks, and tomorrow we have to get up at 4:30 again and at six we are going on a little hike, you see hon they can’t march us after 9:00 A.M., because so many boys would pass out from the heat, gee this weather is sure goofy one minute it rains and the next its so darn hot its not funny. Hon, I guess I didn’t mention terribly much about my trip here, cause I didn’t want to think about it cause practically all the way I was thinking gee if Mary were only here, I’d have really enjoyed it, cause this U.S. is really beautiful to see honey, anyway I sure didn’t enjoy it. Hey! (nut) will you excuse the pencil cause its all that I have and it’s the one you gave me.

Wednesday I’m going to see about getting my teeth fixed then I’ll be on the ball.

Honey I had to go to an Artillery show tonight, it was all about the fighting in North Africa, they were restricted picture some of them were really awful.

Gee nut if this darn thing was over, I could come home to you, and we could get married and really have a time, yo! I go half bats every time I think that you would be all mine, I guess I sound half nuts now don’t I? but honey I can’t help what I think, any way darling I love you and you mean everything to me, so honey keep your fingers crossed that this damn thing will be over real soon.

Well next have to write to Mom now, so I’ll say good night sweetheart, and don’t forget hon that I love you, remember nut I told you if I couldn’t write terribly much that I would tell you that (I love you) all through the letter I’m just waiting for one of those nights ha,

Hon say hello to Lil and pop, and also to Grandma and pa O.K.

Love and kisses

I love you.

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