"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Three Days Ahead

June 5, 1943

Here it is Monday and I didn’t have to go out in the field, they told me I was charge of quarters all week, boy what a break, the boys sure envy me, they told me I must have drag or something, ah, may-be I have! any way all I have to do is water a few trees, cut a little grass and get the boys that come in on furlo ready to go out in the field, boy is it ever hot here, I’ve got a radio here that is pretty good company, and the breeze from this fan hits the spot. Now if I had a cool drink (coke ). I’d be set. Mary its 8:00 oclock and the sun is still up I can’t wait to see a good Calif. sunset tho, there really beautiful. I just made a phone call to Memphis Teen. to see about my reservation, I’m sure of getting it next Monday or Tues. 12th, 13th, anyway I’ll know three days ahead so I told him I’d phone and let him know for sure, it will take two hours to find out if I can get a reservation, he said he’ do his best to get me one, ____ to L.A., boy I can’t wait it will take 12 hours, and they make about four stops. This is only a note kido but I’ll write a real long one tomorrow, O.K.



(Always thinking of you)


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