"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Those Captain Bars

June 14, 1943

Dearest Mary,

Received your letter today and Mary I sure can’t complain, I’ve received just about a letter a day, or did I say that before. It’s about 9:00 P.M. and is it ever hot, I’ve never seen anything like it. Guess what Mary? I got a letter from Kirmie today, and was I surprised, boy did I ever get h__ from him, he told me to sit right down and write to him or else, so I did, He’s stationed in Fresno, and I told him to try and get a pass or leave, that would be swell if we could all go out together, Audrey and Kirm had their second wedding anniversary, gee they’ve been married two years, she swell Mary, and she sure is cute, they really make a swell looking couple, anyway here’s hoping we all get together.

I guess that’s settled then, about our meeting. I’ll still be nervous tho. that’s me all over. and I’ll do my best to make the first move ha, ha,

It looks as tho the Armed Force did O.K. I read something about that little mix up they had, any way I don’t go for (Zoot sister) I thought they look corney, Gee Mary the headlines said tonight that if the Russians held out this summer that it would be all over, I sure pray that that holds true, probably just propaganda tho. anyway it sounded plenty good to me –

Mary I hope you make the grade! and when you wrote an told me you would wait, that’s if we do make out O.K. I was really stunned, Mary I was so darned thrilled it wasn’t even funny, gee I have to do my best when I see you, ha man! I feel a tho I could lick the world, look what you’ve done to me, ha, ha,

This army life is getting kinda dull, gee today we lost three swell officers. Mary the men here would go through h___! With them, if we only had one of them for a Btry. commander, I think I’d go across tomorrow, every one just hates him, cause all he thinks about are those captain bars he carries and we don’t for a man like that, I can hardly call him a man, cause I can’t take half the stuff that he dishes out.

Well kido that’s about all there is to talk about so I’ll close now, and it won’t be long, and we’ll be together! Gee little girl I won’t be able to write tomorrow cause we are going in the Field again over night, what a life, so until Wednesday O.K.?


Hello to your folks and Lil, also Nancy. O.K.?

Gee I ran out of stamps so excuse it huh Bob.

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