"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Thinking Of Home

May 30, 1943

Dearest Mary,

Here it is Sunday again, what a day! I can’t take a sun bath cause it looks like more rain, that’s always the way. I received your letter yesterday, and Mary I sure do envy you going to the beach, boy do I miss that, I’ll bet you will have a swell tan when I get home, did you get your new suit yet? Gee Mary I’m glad you considered not going to Hawaii, I guess I’ll have to start saving huh ha, ha, no kidding tho, I’ll bet it would be swell to go there. you here so much about it.

Our service club is opening tonight were all going over and see their lay out, that is one place we can go to keep us from thinking of home, you know Mary! these last few days have been heck, all the guys are just about going nuts, we call outfit, the (house keeping division) cause that’s all it is.

Tomorrow is another big day, we are going to have, what they call a Corp inspection, from what I hear its plenty tough, that will be for the whole division, so far “A” battery is the highest in every thing. I hope we can keep it that way. Cause if we don’t, are commander, (I think) will be tougher on us, getting back to tomorrow, we have to go out in the field, and prepare for Tuesday, cause we are firing for the inspectors, its to show them what we have learned. Our section won’t have a Howitzer tho. cause it hasn’t come back from the shop yet. I guess we will work with the other sections.

Mary, I haven’t been to a dance since I went to that one in town. When I get home you will have to show me how, cause I think I’ve forgotten how, I don’t think it will be hard with a pardner like you. Remember when we went dancing at the Casa Manaana that was what I can a swell evening, we’ll have to try that again, O.K.? Excuse me Mary something is up in the Barracks, – two of the boys were wrestling, boy are the ever crude, one of them was bleeding through the mouth, he’s O.K. now tho. I was just talking to my sargent, so it looks like we don’t go to the service mens club, cause we have to scrub the barracks again tonight. about your hair Mary, having it up like you say is one way that I like it, I think it looks sharp! no kiddin!

Gee Mary, us having the highest average in the Battalion, gives us the first crack at furloughs, they say they will start about June 6th, right now that’s all I can think about, so say your prayers kido, that I get one real soon.
Mary there isn’t very much more to write about so I will have to close. Say hello to your folks for me, and when you write to Liz, tell her I said hello, also your brother O.K. and you take care of your self little girl! and again watch out for those black outs.





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