"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Then Those You Shall Have

Sept. 7, 1943

Hello Darling.

We just got in from the field, I thought we were going to stay out all night but we didn’t, they are letting us keep the lights on til 11:00 cause we have to put our things away. I just got thru, so I thought I’d better answer your letter but quick!! Gee hon I was never so thrilled to hear anything in my life when you said that you picked out the rings, honest hon I read your letter five times. Mary if your really crazy about them, then those you shall have, gee I’m glad that you put that deposit on them, and darling I’ll get them paid off just as soon as I can, has the engagement ring, one diamond or what, gee hon that’s a lot off my mind too cause gee if I ever got you a ring that you didn’t like, I don’t know what I’d do, probably go bury my head in some sand, —- No!!

Gee hon you must really be going to town, I mean in buying things, gee that’s swell tho. gee I wish I was there with you, cause we’d really have fun picking out things even if we couldn’t buy them. About the rings again, honest hon I tho’t for sure that they would cost at least $250.00, honest hon I expected to pay a lot more but hone if you like those it wont be any time at all til you have them, for once maybe I’ll try my luck in a crap game!! you know shaking those bones!! ha, ha, Gee I sure wish I’d be in Jimmy’s boots, boy he has all the luck darnit!!

Tonight I was all mixed up. gee every thing went wrong, half the time I didn’t know what I was doing, all I could think about was my gal, her rings, and when we are going to get married, that really is a happy tho’t!! (check!)

Lil really likes them too, hu,h what did Geo say one when you told him you picked out the rings.

Hon were having mail call now, nice time to have it, huh. cause we didn’t have it this evening. Gee!! I got a package from Mom, and is it ever heavy, gee hon I just have to open it — yep – it has those date bars, you know, like the ones I took back with me, and some fudge and cookies, boy its sure good too. course it wont last long, with all these chow hounds around!! ha, ha,

Hon remember the other day when I was on charge of quarters? Gee I tho’t I heard something, and guess what? Our mascot had pups – 5 of them she had them under the barracks, now we have a mascot for Btry. and one for each section, pretty good. Huh! and are the ever cute! Some day were going to have a dog aren’t we hon? gee I hope so cause I sure do like them.

Darling, I’ll have to close now cause its just about time. Darling I love you, and be sure and get those rings hon, and hon I can hardly wait to put the wedding on your finger, darnit! I sure wish I was home now, gee it’ll be swell when you put on that engagement ring too. cause then we’ll really be engaged – course we were before, but now it’ll be legal, ha, ha!!

Love. Bob.

Say hello to all for me hon!

I love you darling always.

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