"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

The One Girl

January 26, 1943

Berkeley, Calif.

Dearest Mary,

I guess it seems funny for me to write to you at a time like this, after the way I acted when you came up last year.  Mary, I hope there aren’t any hard feelings because you are the one girl that I really thought quite a bit of, although I guess I did have a furtive way of showing it.  All I can say Mary: is that I’m sorry and will you please forgive an old pal.

Well Mary, I was classified 1-A and also received my induction papers last Friday, and have to take my physical on Tuesday Feb. 2.  I know I will pass the Army – the physical is really a sick man-no kidding.

About two weeks ago I took my exam for the Army Air Corp Cadet and I missed it by 3 points, I’m telling you Mary, I sure wished I had studied in school when I had the chance.  If I can’t fly – and right now that’s my greatest ambition, I want to be around them so that I can learn something, what I mean is a trade, so when this war is over a fellow may have something to look forward to.  I hope when I become drafted, I get into the ground crew of the Army Air Corp.  I will be able to take my test again for the cadet, and this time I’m going to pass.

Kirmie has been classified 11-A you know he’s in the contracting business now, he’s building about 15 homes and is really doing O.K.  Kirmie and I are just about the only ones left in our gang – I am more or less, or should I say glad to be going, no kidding, cause everyone I know is in and when I go – well I’ll be one of the gang again.

I hope Mary, when read this letter that you won’t hold a grudge.  I’ve been wanting to write to you for some time now.  I mean after my girlfriend and I broke up.  I guess that last one I pulled on you – What I want to say Mary – is that if you do find time, I really would enjoy hearing from you, and still I can’t blame you if you don’t write.

I figure on going in about the 9th of Feb and the first place they send me will be Monterey, from there it’s a camp or base.  And if I go through L.A. I’ll give you a buzz on the phone, because I would like to talk to you or maybe even see you, and perhaps I could explain a few thigs, I mean about my actions that took place while you were here.

I can’t explain things when it comes to putting put down on paper, well you can see for yourself by the looks of this letter.

Well Mary, here’s hoping that I’ll see you – of course that is entirely up to you.

Please give your folks my best regards and also your brother although I’ve never met him.



P.S. Here’s hoping – B.F.

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