"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Some Things You’ll Always Wear

Sept 15, 1943.
8:30 P.M.

Hello Darling.

Gee I better get on the all and write, I’ve got 3 letters in front of me that I have to answer, and there all from you hon. I didn’t write last night cause it was impossible I had planned on going to a show, then come back and write to you but a few things came up so I couldn’t make it, all we had to do was scrub the floors in the barracks, mess hall, day room and orderly room, besides that we had to take out all the window and clean them, we only worked til 11:30 last night! Then our time is our own, that’s darn nice of them, don’t you think? After we cleaned up this mess, we had to work on our own equipment, cause we had a big test for today. Gee I shouldn’t be telling you all my troubles hon, but I like to, anyway I have to write something besides telling you I love you. huh!! and do I ever!!! This morning we marched down to the parade grounds, and had to pitch our pup-tents and lay out a full field display, what a job, anyway was passed it, now comes dismounted drill, an hour of that, boy what a work out, then after our ten minute break after having a smoke or so, we had gun drill, gee I could go on and on hon! probably I’m boring you how hon? No? chow finally came, then mail call – and I didn’t get any, I didn’t mind tho, cause I got two from you yesterday, boy they were sure long too. keep it up hon. This after noon I had an easy job working up at officers mess, another paint detail I’m and all around man ahem! Anyway after I got threw, it was time for to go back to the Btry. and Hersmer, he’s a sgt. head cook up there, fixed me a meal fit for a king. Gee hon I had two of the most beautiful steaks you ever saw! French fries and the works, boy did I ever dive in!! ha, ha, I guess I acted like a hadn’t eaten for a week. Just like when I was at your place, ha, ha!! It pays to be in good with the cook! No? Tonight I went down to see Father Herbst, so its next Saturday for sure and I told him about you going to communion and he sure felt bad about it, cause we had all planned.

Boy I checked that red ink, it almost blinded me, some treat, ha, ha,. I’m glad you got the gum hon, and if you need anything else I’ll be glad to accommodate, ahem ha, ha,

Gee Jimmy has all the tough luck huh! Poor kid. I feel sorry for him, he ought to be in my boots, then he could kick.

Hon I got Brennan straightened out, so everything is O.K. again Hey about those boys moving into Compton, the lucky stiffs, some guys get all the breaks, in some respect I got mine, about the Air Corps, now if, I was near you I’d be set. Hon about going to those U..S.O. occasions, that O.K. gee I don’ want you to stay hoe all the time, even if I cant go out, or should I say wont, its still O.K., cause I really don’t care to hon, honest!

Hon I almost forgot to mention Jeanne’s marriage, hon they sure make a cute couple. I’ll bet they’ll do O.K. too!!

Hon you had better get that tooth fixed regardless, now its my turn. ha,ha, does it hurt much hon? get it fixed soon heck cause I know what their like

Boy that’s some typing hon, and no mistakes. Your on the ball kid! Honey, how old were you when you started going out on dates? – take it easy now!! by your letters, you said all the little kids use to tease you, and now their all grown up and are going out on dates!! ha, ha, you must have been about ten or eleven, according to that ha, ha,!! don’t mind me hon, cause I’m only kidding. Hey who’s this Bill guy, that’s right you told me! just keep taking your little cousins along and I’ll feel a lot better – ha, ha,! I’m actually worried hon, after all he’s the bosses son. anyway I’ve got a right to worry! so there!! too!!

Hon it wont be to long til you can get the rings cause, I wrote to Mom, and she’s going to send me my Bonds, so I’ll cash them in and the money will be on its way! gee I’m glad you like them hon, cause honey there some things you’ll wear always.

Honey I saw that picture “Dixie” it was real good, but I didn’t like the way it ended, cause I tho’t sure she would be able to walk again, boy was I ever disappointed!!

Hon I haven’t tried my luck in that dice game – I doubt very much if I ever will, anyway not til I’m flush, so if I loose I still will have a few dollars left. Gee hon thanks for those stamps, boy they sure came in handy. Hon I’ll close now, cause I have about 20 minutes before the lights go out, and I’d like to do a little studying.

Love, Bob.

Say hello to all hon and I’m glad Gramma had a swell party. Gee I do wish I could have been there no such luck tho.

I love you darling, and miss you something awful!!

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