"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Some New Steps

June 14, 1943

Here it is Sunday man! what a day, went to church this morning and then we went swimming in Grenada, that’s the little town outside camp, what a hole! gee Mary I better get on the ball, in writing cause so far I’ve received just about a letter a day, an I’ll try not to pull that 3 in 1 deal cause that’s not fare, right! I think I’d get kinda sore if you did that, are you? I didn’t think so. Gee is it ever raining this morning it was so hot you can hardly stand it, then this afternoon it rains what a state, guess I’ll have to get use to it tho.

Mary every time you mention going to the beach I go half nuts, do I ever wish I were there with you. Any way it won’t be long. Mary next week I’m going to Memphis Tenn. and try and get a reservation, hope I can make it, I think your idea is swell Mary, I’ll fly to L.A. first, and then we’ll go to Berkeley, and Mary I sure appreciate the fact that you want me to stay at your house, I could just get a room tho, cause I don’t want to put Lil out! Any way we’ll decide on that later. I haven’t had a steak since I’ve been here Mary so that’s another thing that we’ll have to take up! man! when I read about you and Nancy eating those steaks my mouth actually started to water Ha Ha

Gee they are sure keeping you busy this week aren’t they. any way I don’t think you need my O.K., ha any way do have a good time tho, cause I guess things are kinda dull, and that going out takes your mind off of a lot of things. Now what about going to dances, boy and how, you teach me some new steps, and I’ll bet you’ll learn to dance Swiss in no time at all, I really think you will like it Mary. Mary I hope when we do meet that I’ll do O.K., even tho we haven’t known each other, but for a few hours, I really feel that I’ve known you all along for years, every time, I think about seeing you Mary! I get nervous as heck there’s nothing like trying tho ahem! Did I tell you Mary that we are suppose to give a show one of these days, and some one mentioned my playing an accordion, I can play which isn’t to good, but all I can play is swiss pieces, and those are by ear. I wish I could play by notes tho, I doubt if I can play at all now tho.

I guess I’m practically out of words too little girl so I’ll have to sign off.

Say hello to your folks for me O.K.? and tell Nancy I said hello

Love Bob




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