"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

So Wait It Is

June 29, 1943

Dearest Mary,

Gee I received your letter today and I was really supprised, cause you mentioned not writing so often. Mary my sgt. got back today but it looks as though it will be about two weeks before I’ll get my furlough, cause the fourth, we have to go to Jackson, Miss. And parade and the next day we are starting out for a whole week in the field, man! I’m so darn mad it isn’t funny cause I thought for surethat I’d be able to leave when my sgt. got back. Man that’s going to be tough going for me cause I won’t received any of your letters until I get back . oh me! I really have my troubles don’t I. I’ll bet you really had a swell time at that danace in the desert, gee Mary, they really keep you going don’t they, I’ll have to admit Mary, that I don’t know how to Jitter Bug period, that’s going to be kinda tough on you cause I know how you like too. I haven’t danced in ages, I guess its been about two month since I went to that U.S.O. dance, in town. It seems as tho every girl I danced with had a different style of dancing, oh well that’s one way of learning, I guess the way I sound I can’t even do the two step. I get along tho, and that’s about all! about the boys and their three day passes, you really can’t blame them I know I would!

You mentioned cleaning your 20 pairs of shoes, man I can imagine the work out you had, I’ve only got three pairs and they really keep me going, and I’m due for another pair! Pretty good huh?

I went to the show last night and saw “Coney Island” it wasn’t bad. Betty is pretty nice! no?? it was really colorfull tho, don’t miss it, this coming Friday I’m going to try and see Bogarat in “Action on the North Atlantic” the previews were pretty good. So far this week I’ve been teaching a class on “gas”, very interesting subject, we all hate it and I dispise teaching it, you see Mary we usually have our classes out side under some trees, it’s a lot cooler that way, and while we were disgussing different chemical agents someone yelled look out! And about 10 feet from me, there was a 4 foot copper-head snake man! I could have died on the spot, so we got a nice long club and killed him, after that I wasn’t worth a darn, cause someone mentioned, that they always travel in pairs, and I kept looking around waiting for the other one to pop up. I felt a lot better when the class was over I guess we all did, Mary when we get to San Francisco were really going to town, I guess you’ve been to China Town, anyway we’ll go there and I know you’ll like the International Settlement, its really fun, the only thing is that we haven’t any beaches to go to, and the pools are crumy, and I’ll do my best to show you a swell time Mary, cause even if we don’t make out O.K. Mary I want you to really enjoy your self , and Mary if I don’t stack to your expectations it will only be for a few day, so let’s make the best of it O.K. and if we don’t make it, just like you say we can always be the (best of friends) right! I really don’t think I’ve changed terribly much tho, I have gained a little weight. Guess what? There playing Mary on the radio now! Oh me, and here I sit damit the heck I sure wish I was leaving tomorrow, but the Army says no! so wait it is —
A guy goes half nuts around here sweating out these furloughs, we’d be better off if they didn’t mention them its this waiting around that gets us, I’m not the only one tho. Getting back to us ___ I repeat if we don’t make out lets be buddies, I think that what be a lot better than just friends don’t you? O.K. that’s settled, ha,

Mary if you would, try to write cause, it will be at least 2 weeks before I’’ll see you, Well little girl I’ll have to close now cause I have to hit the hay. Do write and be good! Too? ha,

Love, Bob

Say hello to your Mom & Pop, and also Lil and Nancy.

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