"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Shoot A Rifle

May 7, 1943

Hi Little Girl:

Its noon and have just enough time to drop you a line. Went to gas school this morning and I volunteered to be on the decontaminating squad for a gas demonstration tomorrow, its for all the non-com in the whole division. We also had cannoneers instruction this morning.

Next week I’ll shoot a rifle for the first time, they have a pretty big range here.

I think I’ll get a pass so I can get those pictures, by gosh they should be ready, and if there not! that guy is going to get told off plenty! cause its been over a month now.

Gee little girl its almost time to fall in so I guess I’ll have to sign off, and keep up the writing kido, and I’ll try and keep up my part, O.K.?

How are the lessons coming? Say hello to your folks, and when you write to R. J. tell him I said hello.



Mom says hello too!

Gee it only takes 12 hrs. to fly from here to L.A. man that sounds pretty good to me, that is the American Air Lines

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