"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Seems Like A Lifetime

Sept 17, 1943.
7:00 P.M.

Hi Hon.

Gee here it is Friday night, and its been almost two months since we were together, honest hon it seems like a lifetime. Kip and I decided to stay in tonight and write, not that we go out every night, we usually go to the P.X. and drink cokes. Honey last night I had 4 beers, and they hit me, gee I don’t know what the heck is the matter. I wasn’t stiff or anything I just had a talking strike on. ha, ha,! I don’t know why I drank them maybe its because they were handed to me. Honey Kip is down in the dumps. you see hon he’s in love with a girl from his home town, and he’s catholic and she is Lutheran, and they love each other, and neither of them will change their religion, and I know for sure that Kip will never change, boy that’s really tough! I’m so glad were of the same hon. tomorrow will be the big day. oh yes! Father Herbst gave me a Rosary too, its not so hot but it serves the purpose, anyway some time when I’m flush I’ll get a good one.

I’m not going out this week end hon. I’m going to lay around and dream of you, how’s that! honest honey, I’m really still in a daze cause sometimes the boys will be talking to me, and I’ll be looking right at them, then when they get through beating there gums, then say, what! Huh! then they blow their top, an tell me to come out of it, its really a kick, I mean the beating I take.

So pop – I mean Geo said it was O.K. to smoke a cigarettes with him, did you get sick hon? Now I guess your wonder if I care, its O.K. hon, just so it doesn’t become to much of a habit, cause it really doesn’t do anyone any good. Mary I’ll do what ever you say, if you don’t want me to call I wont. If you do just say the word hon, your right tho we do need the doe. and hon I’ll write you that extra long letter.

Mary you can never tell we may make that trip to Hawaii, but if we don’t we’ll make Catalina or bust! it’s a deal hon!

Gee I haven’t heard from Kirmie yet, I’ve been expecting a letter him, but soap, he’s probably being shipped around or something.

Darling please don’t worry about the Air Corps, cause I can take care of my self. Hon if I’m going to get hurt in anyway, I can be any place, it doesn’t have to be the Air Corps, promise me hon, cause if you worry, then I worry too. and my eyes are all O.K. hon 20/20 in other words their perfect. Darling I’m going to cut this short cause I have to write Mom, and I want to do a little studying while I have the chance. Hon I tell you all about my being Baptized tomorrow night when I get back.

I love you darling.
Say hello to all for me.

Love, Bob.

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