"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Ready For Everything

May 24, 1943

Dearest Mary,

There it is Monday, what a day, its about 5:30 P.M. and were getting ready to get out in the field, and is it ever raining, the. Boys seem kinda disgusted, cause when the ground is wet we usually have a tough night, the trucks and guns usually always get stuck and it takes hours to get them out, but that’s what they want, so that’s the way it has to be, any way its good practice!

I got your letter today and was sure sorry to hear that Liz, has left, I’ll bet you sure miss her kido! I know! I know I haven’t been writing as I should, but sometimes Mary its impossible, after basic we’ll have a little more time for ourselves, so they say, any way we hope so, cause some of the boys are getting mighty tired, of this and are tempted to go over the (hill) we had to fellows leave so far, but they came back on their own accord, when they got back they were subject to a Court Martial, 45 days hard, and $14.00 fine both of them were gone 14 days. That’s one thing I don’t ever have the nerve to do, I know darn well I couldn’t face Mom, and especially you!

When I get home I’ll have to wash and simonize your car O.K.? I’m pretty good at that, I always kept my little crate looking good, and especially Frank’s, I got a dollar every time I did it, (easy dol) don’t you think?

We are waiting for our Battery commander to get back, he went out this afternoon to pick out a position, so we really don’t know if we are going out or not, any way were ready for them! That’s the way it goes around here we have to be ready for everything! (at any time)

About your bathing suit, the kind I like to see on girls, are the one’s with those little skirts, on them, although there one piece, how’s that for an explanation, (pretty good huh!)

Gee Mary, I’ll be you sure have a large wardrobe, man little girl, what do you do with all the clothes, I guess I can’t blame you cause I always did like lot of them myself, its tough wearing the same old thing everyday isn’t it? ha, ha

The boys are singing cowboy songs now, not bad either! They seem in a pretty good humor too, you ought to see the characters, nuts! The lights just went out, something is always around here, the boys and singing the Army Air Corp song, that is really a song, we’ve got that down pat.

I hope R.J. makes, what he’s striving for, cause submarines are just as safe, as anything.

Well it looks as tho, we are going out tonight I just spoke to our chief of section and he we’ll be leaving soon, so little girl I’ll have to get on the ball, Write soon little girl! thats an order ha.


Bob say hello to your Mom & Pop. O.K.?

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