"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Promise Not To Tell

Aug 30, 1943
9:30 P.M.

Hello Darling:

Its almost 10:00 oclock and I’m charge of quarters like I told you in my letter yesterday. I had one of the boys relieve me tonight so I could go to church, gee were on lesson 20 now!! not bad huh!! honest honey our priest is really swell, and honey the way he explains to us! It just makes everything so simplified.

Darling I got two letters from you today and they sure came in handy. how on earth could I ever get mad at you nut, that’s impossible, honey the way I’ve been feeling lately I couldn’t get mad at anyone – anyway nut only dogs get mad, lets get technical and call it angry, ha, ha!!

Gee when you said that you had a hot dog and a coke my mouth started to water! they don’t know what a hot-dog looks like around here. Excuse me for a minute hon I have to turn out the lights in the barracks, cause its 10:00 o’clock.

I’m back! fast work huh – Hon I had to laugh, I mean about the baby shower, but honey we’ll have ours in time, so don’t worry ha, ha, darling I’ll tell you something if you promise not to tell anyone its really a secret. I love you darling, and hon I pray that all of our babies will be as beautiful as you, and honey that’s from my heart. (so there!!)

Tell Lil that I could really go for some of her cooking. Especially that chicken she cooks up, hon have you tried cooking yet? you better get on the ball kid, cause it wont be far off til we’ll be man and wife – boy! just think of it hone won’t it be wonder full, come to think of it you haven’t told me what you bought that time you went to town! come on nut tell me, and I promise I won’t laugh, I’ll let you slug me real hard if I do, and I’d tell you if I did!! don’t forget now I’ll be angry I you don’t, (getting technical) ha, ha,

Honey that show that Lil and Geo saw was a stage show wasn’t it, I was just wondering cause it played in San Francisco awhile back, I’ve never been to a stage show, we’ll have to take one in sometime O.K. just for the heck of it.

Gee honey I try and study about the Air Corp every little chance I get even if its just a few minutes it helps, but today I didn’t and I had lot of time too! I got ahold of a drawing board and a T-square and etc, and drew up the plans of a home, hon there almost identical to Kiemies home, and I’ll send them to you just as soon as I’m finish, I just have a little more to do.

Speaking about Kirmie I got a card from him yesterday and he sure gave me heck for not writing, but he owes me a letter, anyway I wrote to him, and gave him heck too, cause he was suppose to answer my letter. anyway hon he’s still in Okla. And I guess he’s doing O.K.

The boys are ganging up in here, and they’re all talking about going out to Calif, after the war. I can’t blame them a bit! Cause that’s really God’s country.

I guess Nancy can’t seem to make up her mind, maybe she has someone else in mind I sorta feel sorry for Jimmy, cause I know how I would feel, gee I sure hope he gets her.

Honey did I tell you that Mom put up some peaches and I guess some pears, and she said she’s going to show you how it’s done. thats something to look forward to, don’t you think ha, ha!! Hows the hope chest coming hon? I guess your doing O.K. huh,

Gee honey its been a month since we’ve been together, and it seems like ages.

Tomorrow is pay day boy and it’s a good thing to, I’m telling you hon I’ve never seen so many guys so broke. So honey you can expect some money in a few ay, gee we’ll get there yet, huh. Gee if I make Cadet I’ll get $75.00 a month the, big money huh!! ha, ha anyway those few dollars do help tho.

Well nut I’m going to close now, cause I have to get up realy early tomorrow, we have to go through what they call the infiltration course, we have to crawl under barbed wire with machine guns firing over our heads, they its really rugged. Well goo night darling and I love you real much too!! an I miss you something awful.

Love, Bob.

Say hello to Lil and Geo and all.

(I love you darling)




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