"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Prettier Than Ever

May 7, 1943

Dearest Mary,

Gee I got two letters from you today, and did I get heck, ha ha, I thought it was cute the way you balled me out, when I wrote that note Mary! I really hadn’t heard from you for at least five days and I was getting kinda sore, any way the next day I got your cand, and a letter, then I was sorry I wrote and told you that, it won’t happen again, (so there) ha ha, that just slays me when you say little things like that.

I saw Lucky Jordon, and I thought it was swell too! here in camp we saw all the first run pictures. Sorry to hear that Liz is leaving you Mary, tell her I wish them the best of luck in every way. Gee Mary, when I hear from you, like that a guy just can’t get discussed, mean I feel like a million bucks. I have to take a Battalion test in the morning, it’s a test on all basic subjects, so before I go to bed tonight I’m going look over my notes. This may mean that I will go out on a cadry, that means going to a different camp and teaching rookies, what I’ve learned, I’m sure I’ll pass even tho I have been on a lot of details, gee I sure did miss a lot of classes, all, – tho, I’ve made most of them up. This cadry that is going out is liable to go any where, I hope it’s near home and I’m on it.

Mary I don’t think I’ve changed very much, I’m a little taller I know! I think you’ve changed a little, Mary! Your prettier than ever! Man when I got those pictures I couldn’t keep my eyes off you, as a matter of fact I still can’t. That was sure swell of R.J. to send you and your Mom that present, boy I’ll bet that looked plenty good huh. To tell the truth I didn’t R.J. would like the idea of your going to the islands to work, and you know darn well I don’t. (so there)

All the boys are getting ready for a big inspection in the morning, it’s a good thing I’ve got my things cleaned up, we really have to go through plenty to prepare for them, especially when the (General) is coming around, that is on time we really have to be on the ball, (no lie)

You ought to see the outfit I have to wear tomorrow, I’ll look like a man from mars, it’s this impermeable clothing soaked in a chemical to protect us from Mustard gasses and all Vesicants, those are gasses that will harm the tissue of the skin if it comes in contact, this clothing neutralizes the gas, I also had to impugnite my shoes, so that the gas won’t burn through them. Gee kido if I’m boring you, I’m sorry, I just thought I’d tell you some of the things we have to do, cause there really isn’t much to write, other than that tonight.

Well little girl I’ll have to sign off now, cause I have a little studying to do until tomorrow.


Say hello to your folks for me, and don’t forget to tell Liz.

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