"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Planes Flying Over

May 21, 1943

Dearest Mary,

Now don’t give me heck Mary, cause no kiddin I couldn’t help it, I told you I would write to you the night I was on guard, gee Mary I started the letter and, I just wasn’t in the mood to finish it. Here it is Friday already, man! The time really does fly, I think they are going to give out furloughs, boy that will be the deal, that’s what some of the officers were saying anyway! gee Mary I sure hope you can get off, cause if you don’t I’ll go nuts, I hope we can get a few things straightened out, ha, I really do gee Mary like I said before, when we meet I wonder how we will act, man? I hope I do O.K. ha, ha, doesn’t it give you a funny feeling too? after all its been over a year little girl, and, well you know what I mean, what do your folks think about our set up Mary? the way Mom talks she thinks its swell, she said the Swiss and the Irish make a pretty good team ha, I hope so! When is a good place to go swimming? Man! That’s what I really miss.

About going to see father Cashman, I haven’t seen him for two weeks, I mean evenings, cause we have been pretty busy these last few weeks, with only two more weeks to go that will be tougher yet. Mary! they just don’t dive us time to do anything. My buddies gave me a haircut tonight, you ought to see it! not bad, talking about hair Mary, your hair seemed longer in the first picture you sent, gee it looks swell. Has Liz left yet? Gee Mary I’ll bet its plenty though on you I can imagine how you feel, cause when my buddy Art, he’s across now) wanted me to join up with him I didn’t think he meant it, and when he left, I could have kicked myself for not going with him, he’s in the Air Corp, (ground crew) and now he’s got a swell trade, something he can use after this was, and if I don’t make the flying cadet, that’s what I want, cause an aeronautical engineer, is the coming thing boy there is really a future! What can a guy learn as a Field Artillery man, besides shooting a Howitzer, boy I hope and pray I get out of here soon, and if you get a chance Mary, pray that I make the Air Corp. no kiddin! Gee when I see these planes flying over, I envy the boy that is flying her! I don’t see how I can miss that test, but its so darn hard to transfer out of here, that’s the only trouble. Our Battery commander is pretty tough, I hope he leaves soon, no lie.

Well kido its time to get some shut eye, so until Sunday O.K.?

When you write to R. J. tell him I said hello. give your folks my best regards, also to Liz.



Be careful in those Blackouts little girl, ha

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