"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Out Under A Tree

Aug 19 1943.
10:00 A.M.

Hello Darling,

I’m out under a tree trying to write this , some job, (huh) we haven’t started firing yet, all we had to do this morning was dig a trail trench for the guns no fox holes, thank goodness we’re waiting now to get our orders to fire, so to make me feel better I thought I would write, honey I sure do miss you, honest I don’t know if I’m coming or going, but what the heck can we do about it, darnit.

Last night I thought there was a picture playing, but it was a stage show, so I took it in, I didn’t stay very long tho, cause it wasn’t so hot. Gee I hope I can take that cadet test soon, cause then if I make it I may be sent some place near you then we can get married darling I love you, I feel as though I can’t live with out you so I pray that we do real soon. How is Lil feeling these days? still nervous? Anyway tell her to take it easy, she’s really swell hon, you two are more like sisters, no kiddin, how is Geo doing with the cars O.K.? that what I thought, he’s really on the beam. I’ll bet your grandma and pa have sure got some swell furniture, honey I can’t wait til we can start buying some of our own (excuse me nut while I light up a smoke) O.K.!! I’m all set now. Honey when are you going to make me some more cookies, you don’t want me to get thin do you!! ha, ha, so get on the ball kid, cause I love em. Three four star General just came up to our gun position, and here I am with out my helmet on, boy! and they sure give us heck if we don’t have them on, anyway they didn’t see me. cause I’m pretty well camouflaged ha, ha, that’s one thing they do teach us and that is how to conceal ourselves.

You know what hon? our section is the best in the whole Battalion, we really work good together, – Later —–

Hon, I had to stop writing but fast, cause the commands just came down so fast I had to take off but fast, you would think some one was chasing me, ha, ha,!! we fired 14 rounds, boy do they ever make a noise, my ears are still ringing, hon you actually see the shells go through the air, then they go out of sight, this afternoon I guess the whole division will fire at the same time, boy will that ever make a bang!!

Guess what darling? I love you!! (don’t mention nothing) ha, ha, boy oh boy this is really some life, isn’t it terrible to be so far away from each other hon!

Butler just came up, and he has some cookies, the sun of a gun was holding out on me, boy they sure hit the spot, now if I had a glass of milk I’d be all set.

This week end I guess I’ll be charge of quarters, so now I’ll have a lot of time to write to you and do some studying. How is work these days nut? Still as boring. Honey how is the gum holding out? just holler kid when you are running out and write and tell me what kind you like, cause I can get plenty of it, and hon tell Lil that the candy bars we have here aren’t so hot, there is some cheap out fit that makes them I don’t even eat them any more cause they sure are lousy.

About have a wedding hon, gee that’s been on my mind now for some time, gee I sure think it would be swell, but then I don’t know what to think, honestly, its really got me. any way hon even if I am boss of the family (ahem) I’ll let you decide, O.K.?

Honey its almost time for “chow” so I’ll sign off, cause I sure am hungry probably will have something I don’t like.

Darling I love you, and honey don’t forget it for one minute, cause I’m nuts about you (so there)

Say hello to Lil and Geo for me and also Grandpa and ma for me. Say, did Nancy make out O.K.? tell her I said hello.


Darling I still miss you I guess I’ve told you that three times or so in this letter hon, but I’m actually going nuts with out you.

(I Love You Darling)

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