"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Order To Halt

March 1, 1943

Dearest Mary,

Well kido, we really started our training, and what I mean we train, today we were taught our positions, for firing these heavy guns, there are seven men to a gun and we have to be able to take any position, after class today we had to march, and being that it rained last night it was pretty muddy around here, we marched two miles, and came to the foot of two hill, they had two water tanks on the top of them, our commander gave an order to halt, and we had to run up to the water tanks and back, we did this twice, you know it sort of gets you down when you’re not use to it, the funny part, was when we were running down, and one of our lieutenants fell on his face in the mud – he was really a site, the whole outfit couldn’t help from laughing, but we soon stopped cause he didn’t think it was very funny.

Tomorrow I have to stand guard – you know patrolling your post in a military manner, so I guess it won’t be so bad.

I hope these letters don’t bore you Mary, cause you know how I write and how I like to write, I know what to day but I don’t know how to express it. Anyway, I’ll do my best.

Gee Mary, I hope I get to go home before I get shipped, cause I really do want to see my Mom, and I’d love to take you out, but I guess being in this part of the country, if I do get shipped it will be Africa or some place,

Well Mary hoping to hear from you very soon, and give your Mom and Pop my best regards.



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