"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

My First Love

June 2, 1943

Dearest Mary,

Here goes again, gee I hope you are not sore cause I haven’t written anyway it’s the same old story, Mary so far I’ve received a letter every day this week, and does it make me feel swell, yesterday we came in from the field and, they actually gave us the afternoon off, we almost passed out from the shock, you see Mary, this week is the last week of basic and we’re having tests all this week, anyway Tuesday we went out in the field, and, our Commanding General was there, he watched us into position, which was at night, so that ment working all night again, anyway when we came in yesterday, our Battalion commander told us that we were the best he’s ever seen, (not bad huh) I guess that’s why we got the afternoon off, very generous don’t you think? Mary I wanted to write last night, but I was so darn tired I just wanted to sleep, boy I hit my bunk and was asleep, I guess that goes the whole section too. Mary if you mind I’ll answer all three of your letters in this one, when I get them I guess I read them about 4 times, no kidding Mary I guess I’m just plain nuts about you, I guess I always have been and didn’t realize it. Mary I know the first time I saw you, I fell, and pretty hard too! I guess I had a funny way of showing it but, I can honestly say it, like I’ve said before Mary you were my first love, and from what I her that’s the one that counts, any way lets hope so.

Here goes the first letter Mary O.K., and I’ll do my best to answer your questions, cause I don’t’ want to get shot just yet, ha ha, give me a couple of Japs first huh, (thank kido) ha,

I saw Random Harvest, and I thought it was swell too, their really a great team, and Colman he’s plenty good. When you wrote about our song Mary, I honestly had forgotten about it, (fine thing), but I won’t anymore, cause I’m always singing it now, and any way its our first so I had better not! As far as being, or should I say changing, I don’t think I have. Mary when you told me to be good and sweet, it really tickled me, cause Mary that’s all I can be, any way good, I guess I could be sweet too! ha, ha,

(Second letter) Mary I guess I feel just about the same way when I don’t hear from you, I’m getting so I get mad when I don’t hear from you, (not really tho) How do you like working in your new office? Gee I had to laugh when you said you were sitting in front of your new boss (its so nice) I mean at the office, no kidding that was a kick. About my coming home Mary, I know for sure that I will have to fly cause this fellow in a different outfit told me that his wife came out from Calif, and it took her five days, it was on the San Francisco Flyer too, Its suppose to make it in 36 hours, and I sure don’t want spend all my time traveling by train, when I can be with you, gee it takes about 16 hrs. by plane so here’s hoping I can make arrangements. Mary I think that’s swell if you could make it to Berkeley, We’d really hit the high spots, I now we would have the time of our lives, but there aren’t any places, or beaches where we could go swimming, Mary I think it would be swell if we could spend a few days in L.A. cause then we could get in our swimming, Mary I’ll leave it up to you to decide, cause Mom, said you sorta had things planned, as to what we are to do. Mary I just know you are going to like Mom & Frank awe she’s a honey, an Frankie he’s swell, although, he speaks a little broken, he’s from Switzerland you know, we’ll have to play some swiss music for you Mary I think you will like it, in some respects it has a lot of pep to it, and its ever fun to dance to, so we’ll have to go to a dance to, so we’ll have to go to a swiss dance, and of course I’ll have to show my little girl off. You remember Mary the first time I kissed you, man! What a thrill, Mary you actually looked like you had tears in your eyes, gee Freddy and Al thought you were swell, in fact just a little honey! Mary I’ll have to get on the ball and make up for lost time, ha, don’t get me wrong little girl. We have a Battalion Commander now, and he seems like a swell Joe, so if I get the chance, I’m going to speak to him about the Air Corp., did I tell you the first Sgt. Asked us if we wanted to go into the paratroopers, I don’t think I’d like that. anyway I’m striving for the Air Corp. So say a little prayer, little girl and I might make it.

(Third letter) I hope this isn’t getting monotonous kido.

How are the U.S.O. dances? I guess they are pretty good, I really don’t care to go to any around here, cause I guess I’d rather be with you, any way I’ve a lot of studying to do, that is when I get any spare time, which never seems to be available, ha, How do you like our insigna kinda corny don’t you think ha, ha, (boy that was corny) any way I think they are pretty nice, although they don’t compare with the Air Corp. and I promise not to even mention going over the hill, I didn’t mean myself tho. (I don’t even want to think about it ) and Mary when you call me your beau that does the trick no kidding, I really go for it. Mary I hope we ain’t mistaken, even tho we haven’t see each other, I really feel that its going to work out, it just has to. and I’m putting my cash on the latter of that 50-50 basis.

I’ll bet you’ll look swell with your new permanent, and as I told you before, I know I’d like you with your hair up.
Well little girl I’ll have to close now cause I have to drop a line to Mom.

And do keep up the swell correspondence, cause I get mad if you don’t, (not really) I said that before didn’t it.

Love, Bob.



Don’t laugh now, ha, (over)

Say hello to your folks and also R.J.

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