"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Mail Call

April 21, 1943
Camp McCain, Miss

Dearest Mary,

It’s about 9:00 P.M. and guess where I’m writing this? I’m in church waiting to talk with Father Cashman he seems to be busy at present tho. So, I’ll have time to write a few lines.

Guess what? I got two letters from my little gal in one day, gee Mary I got so excited I almost passed out. I got them yesterday, I couldn’t write last night cause we were out in the field again, all night, and what a night, gee it was beautiful, full moon and everything, but what a place to be, I could think of one place in particular – ha, our gun section has a canvas, which we lay on the ground, there we lay ten of us in a row, next to our gun, what a life, it’s still fun tho. that is so far.

Mary, that’s a swell idea about that candy, boy homemade, that’s a deal, Gee Mary, I didn’t know you were engaged. It really does take something like that to make a person realize how wrong he or she was. About Hilda, well I was a little surprised at the fact that she did get married so soon after our break up. Although it didn’t bother me, I guess I just wasn’t in love with her, although I do wish her a lot of happiness. Like Mom always told me; she thinks that our lives are more or less mapped out for us, an that’s the way it had to be, to tell the truth Mary I’m glad it happened that way, cause the gal that is in my heart is a little girl named “Mary” and that is stating a true fact! How’s that for expression kido! O.K.?

You ought to hear my buddies at mail call, they all start to sing “Mary” cute don’t you think? And when we go on motorbikes, they sing it too, you know you’re a pretty popular girl in Btry “A” ha. The boys say they are all going to Calif. when this damn thing is over, and there really going to see a state that is worth seeing, boy do I ever miss it. Easter Sunday mass will be held in our parade grounds, gee I sure wish I was taking you little girl, with your new Easter outfit and we can’t forget your new Easter bonnet man, would I ever feel proud, you say, everything happens to you, gee Mary how about me, boy I can’t wait to see you, Mary. I probably won’t know how to act or something, if you know what I mean, although it’s fun to think about, and do I ever.

So far, our Battery is over strength it has to be cut down to 94 men and two officers, that is after our basic, one of my buddies is a very good friend of a colonel in the Air Corp, he is stationed somewhere in Texas, he has written to him about our transfer, my buddy seems to think we’ll make it and so do I. The last few days I’ve been going half nuts, trying to learn all about chemical warfare, and the stuff they are trying to teach us, and on my own time which is very little I try to study the nomenclature of our aircraft, and also improving my math, we’ll just skip the vocabulary – ha, ha I’m telling you Mary those letters really came at the right time. It’s time for me to see Father Cashman, so hold on a minute. Here I am back again kido, that little talk only last 2 hrs. which was very interesting. He explained the catechism, as he went along, he explained it in a way that sure makes it easy. I have to go again next Monday.

About being a salesman Mary, that take years of experience, your pop needs a man in there that knows the ropes on salesmanship, so that leaves me out kido, of course if you work for him that makes the situation different ha, ha, kidding aside Mary, your dad really plans on having his own agency, boy that’s swell. I hope your Mom is O.K. Say hello to them for me. O.K. Do write soon little girl, and make them long! “that’s an order”. Ha, ha. We are going out in the field tomorrow night again so I won’t be able to write.

Love, Bob

Mom send her love, if you get the chance Mary, write to her, she enjoys hearing from you.

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