"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Long Distance Romance

Aug 5, 1943

7:30 A.M.

Hello Darling,

I thought I was to go on the hike this morning, but I got out of it cause I had to take a cpls’ place on charge of quarters, I had a little time so I thought I’d drop a line to my honey.

Its fairly cool this morning, I guess it will get reall hot pretty soon tho, this is suppose to be Mississippi’s hottest month, and its just beginning. Gee hone I can’t realize I’m back here already. It seems like it was all a dream, cause my furlo went so fast. I haven’t written to Kirmie yet he’ll blow his cork if he doesn’t here from me pretty soon, you know what hon, Kierm wrote and told me he wished me a lot of luck on my furlo, I wrote to him before about our long distant romance, he said that you would be the one to get me on the ball, so I’ll have to write him and tell him that we are going to be married, I know he’ll like it real well. Gee honey if we do live in Berkeley, we’ll really have the fun cause when I come home from work on Sat nights we’ll go out with Kirmie & Audrey and have one swell time cause their a lot of fun. even if we don’t live there nut, its fun thinking about it.

No matter if its L.A. or Berkeley, we’ll still have fun, honey didn’t we have fun tho. especially on the damn train, and all those kids, coarse were going to wait awhile before we have em. but we still want to grow up with right, take Lil and Pop for instance they practically grew up with you and R.J., look at the fun you and Lil have together, she’s really a honey, and that goes for pop too he’s O.K.

Well honey I’ll close now, I’ll write tonight.

I love you with all of my heart, darling, and don’t forget it (that’s an order)



(I love you)

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