"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

It’s Always You

Aug 16, 1943
10:00 P.M.


I just got back from town, and so help me hon I hope I never see that place again, the boys wanted to go in so I agreed, there were 5 of us, Brennan, Butler, Kapinus, Lyle, and myself. Honey the first thing we did was to go to the Drug store and get something to drink, coca-cola and ice cream, gee it really hit the spot, then I bought an album so I can put your pictures in honey I have 3 of them now, that I can put in then if you send those others, I’ll have it looking like something in no time.

Butler calls you a little (pigeon) he says your a honey, and don’t I know it, boy I feel like a million when he talks that way. Darling I just had to write to you tonight cause now I feel better. Honey we had to wait an hour and a half for a damn bus back to camp and it makes us do darn mad, boy is Grenada ever a hole, if I ever had it in my mind to bring you to a hole like this, I ought to be horse whipped, Honey my application is in now all I have to do is wait to take that test.

Darling I can hardly wait til I see you again, only this time I’m going to come as a runner, and I’m going to kiss you something awful. boy can you take it. (don’t mention nothing)

And nut I’m going to marry you real soon, cause I’m actually going nuts with out you, (and that’s no lie)

Honey, its time for me hit the hay now, so until tomorrow then, O.K.? Give Lil my love and tell Pop hello, also Grandma & Pop, and ask Nancy if she’s on the ball, I’d sure like to see her marry Jimmy. He’s O.K.

Honey I love you with all my heart – Yo –

Love and Kisses

(Its always you) honey that’s a song, listen to it its beautiful.

(I Love You)

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