"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

I Can Dream

May 4, 1943

Dear Mary,

Hi little girl! Just a line to let you know I’m still on the ball. It so happened that I had to go on guard duty tonight so I didn’t go out in the field, what a break, I need a rest any way. I’m sitting in the guard house trying to write this, the boys are playing cards, Oh! I had better tell you, that the guard house is where the corporals of the guard stay, until they take out their reliefs. Gee Mary is it ever hot! One of the boys just went out for ice-cream, and cokes.

I wish I was on some Calif. beach with my gal, that’s the life, do you like to swim Mary? Boy I love it. that’s another thing we’ll have to do, you had better keep these things in mind kido cause those are some of the things we are going to do, what kind of a saddle are you using Mary? Have you got an outfit to go with it? you ought to see the one I have, just a Stetson and boots, I like to wear Levis, cause then I don’t look like a (drug store cowboy) ha ha, anyway I think they look better. Did I tell you about the little Buck skin I broke, she is a little 2 ½ yr. old, what a honey, she didn’t buck at all when I first got on her, (what luck). I taught her to neck rein, which takes a lot of time and patience, she turned out to be a swell little cow pony.

The guard house is right next to the post exchange, there playing some recordings, that are really getting me down. I’d give anything to be able to take my gal dancing tonight, I just feel in the mood, but what good does it do, although I can dream. I got a letter from Mom yesterday and she told me she received another letter from you, gee I thinks that’s swell of you Mary, honestly! She sure loves to hear from you. How is your Mom getting along Mary? I hope O.K.! my Mom had two molars pulled and she had really suffered after they were out, gee I was sure scared. After has school tomorrow I’ll have to go out in the field, we’ll be out two days. so like I said if I come in on Thursday I’ll write! O.K. Well little girl its almost time for me to take my relief out, so until Thursday morning O.K., and don’t forget its every other day, (that’s an order)


Say hello to your folks for me, O.K.?

(He un muchacho que ama para siempre)
From a soldier boy who loves you always!


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