"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Here’s A Healthy Looking Lad

Aug 16, 1943
Monday – 10:30 A.M.

Hello Darling:

Im sitting out side the barracks in the shade, trying to get this letter off to you.

From 12:00 yesterday noon we were restricted to the Btry area. cause they wanted us to get all the rest we could, lights went out at 9:30 and we got up at 4:30 this morning cause we had another corp test at the parade grounds. Honey heres what we had to do. (ahem) they got us in groups of 8 then we would get in a single file, first came the push-ups 34 of em, all I could do was 28, and nut that darn near killed me. and they have an officer standing over each man timing him. After that came the 300 yard dash, we had to do that in 45 seconds, I did it in 41 ses not bad huh, then we had to get a pardner and carry him on our back 150 yds, then he carries you the other 150 yds. Gee were we ever corked. Then we had to go through a course, first we ran then we would creep the we would run again then we had to jump and on the home stretch we ran wide open. when we go to the end we just hopped. I’m telling you nut it was really tough.

I guess about 6 men dropped out, so the medics took care of them out, we did all this for the first hour. then we had to march, it was more of a race, the whole Btry got in 4 ranks and we had to hike 4 miles in 50 min, and we did it in 49. Honey when we got to the end of that one we dropped again, gee they really had a tough time with Brennan, I guess they worked over him for an hour. he’s O.K.now tho, thank goodness.

Any way they gave us the rest of the morning off, then the doctor came through the barrack and inspected each man to see if they were o.k. anyway when he came up to me he said (oh here’s a healthy looking lad – how much do you weight) – 190lbs sir! me all smiles (ahem) then he asked me if I did any boxing, and I told him no, just once in a while. so you see honey by his check up I’m not 4-F. but by yours I’m really a sick man, ha, ha, I’ll never forget that check up either – yo!

Honey I want you to know that I love you, and darling I’ve never missed anyone in my life as I do you, boy its really awful to be away from you darling, by the looks of things here, they’re moving quite a few men out. One of my buddies got orders to be ready to leave, he doesn’t know where he’s going, they don’t tell us any thing.

(Check) this stationary, honey it’s all that I had and I can’t write worth a darn on it. (I can’t write period) Darling I’ll have to close for now cause its almost time for chow, so I’ll closes nut, and remember there’s a guy back here that loves you more than anything, (so there))

Love and Kisses

Say hello to all,

(I Love You Nut)

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