"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Going To Frisco

Aug 8, 1943
1:30 P.M.

Hello Darling

Here it is Sunday and I didn’t go to church this morning now don’t give me heck, cause I had to work on the gun all by myself, cause most of our section was on K.P. anyway I hope to have the rest of the after noon off, that is if they don’t find anything for me to do, and that sure isn’t hard to do around here. Hon that show wasn’t bad, I really enjoyed it, I sorta go for that fighting.

Honey I got your letter today at noon. I sure wish that I could be going to Frisco with you now, I hope Van didn’t raise to much heck because of you going. And darling. I’ve more than decided I want to be with you. hon just keep you chin up. cause from the way things are going on around here, I don’t think it will be long til I see you cause one of the boys heard the Major talking to a Lt. and he said to have every thing ready to go in six wks. And it sorta adds up cause our program is scheduled to Sept 25. And that is about the end of our advanced training, and another thing hon we are going by rail if we do move. Gee lets hope its near Calif. anyway hon I’m not suppose to write dates or things like when we are moving, so hon sorta keep It to your self I mean its O.K. to tell Lil or pop but no further huh, cause I just had to make you feel better, and it sure does me too.

(Hey nut) your letters don’t sound corny at all, your lonesome hon and so am I, honey if I ever get to a real good spot I’m going to marry you cause I’m so crazy about you its not funny, and honey I don’t think that will be far off.

Hon I’ve written to you every day since I’ve been here gee you really ought to be getting my mail, cause there all air mail, I took the lead out the first day I got here. Gee I hope you and Nancy aren’t on the out, anyway I don’t think it will last long. Don’t forget what I told you hon, you go to those dances, cause look at all the boys you can make happy by dancing with them (just so you don’t make them to happy) so go right ahead kid.

Honey I haven’t got my tooth fixed yet. no don’t blow (your cork) cause I’m going next week sometime I couldn’t make it last week tho.

I think I’ll take in a show this afternoon darn good picture (Dixie) anyway the previews looked good I’ll be you know how it turned out.

Darling I’m going to close now cause I have to wash out a pair of fatigues, so I’ll be on the ball tomorrow.

Say hello to Lil and Pop and Nancy for me Oh yes and Grandma and pop too.

Love and kisses

(Darling I Love You)

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