"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Fun in Camp

May 3, 1943

Dearest Mary:

Gee did I ever have a surprise today! At noon I received your candy, and was it ever good, I told my buddies you were going to send me some, and as soon as they saw the package they knew what it was, and they all jumped me, you can imagine how long it lasted, they told me to tell you that they liked it swell, and that goes for me too. And tonight, I received two letters from you, man that took the cake.

About your learning to ride that’s swell, when I get my furlough I’ll see how much you’ve learned, O.K.? I prefer a stock saddle to English tho! what are you using? When I lived in Livermore I use to ride quite a bit, when we use to round up the cattle that was really fun, I haven’t ridden for so long I guess I wouldn’t know how to get on a horse! How about showing me how! O.K.?

Oh yes! About my ride on a jeep, boy what a kick, a Lt. was driving, and did he ever take us for a ride, those little things will practically go over anything. Say kido I don’t like the idea of your thinking of going to Hawaii, Mary! It’s not what it’s cracked up to be, I can’t state that by experience, but I have talked to men I the shipyard who have worked over there, and they say it’s no place for a woman, he also said that all you can do is work ten hours a day and sleep the rest of the time., and there isn’t any recreation, and that is darn hard to do. And another thing Mary, I honestly think it would be plenty tough on your folks, cause after all R.J. is away, and you’re all they have to comfort them, so think it over kido, not that I’m trying to discourage those dreams, cause I think I know how you feel, and I honestly think that you’re doing your part right here. I’ll tell you what! I save my doe and take you there after the war, O.K.? I can dream too don’t you think?

I got a pass Saturday night, the only reason I went to town was to get my pictures, which were not ready, gee it’s been over a month now, they told me they should be in sometime this week, so if the first Sergeant goes to town, I’ll have him get them. I really don’t care to get anymore passed cause I have more fun in camp, with the boys.

Gee don’t you think I’m clumsy? I just tore this paper, the regard to the writing paper Mary please excuse it huh, it’s all I had, I just forgot to get the other types anyway I like to try and write on lines, don’t you.

Say little girl about me being lead astray, well that’s out. I was once and that’s enough. The U.S.O. dances here are crummy, I’ve only gone twice, and that was too much for me, I like to dance but not the way they do here.

I think after my basic I will be eligible for a furlough (I hope) Tomorrow I’ll be on guard duty the rest of the Battery is going out in the field for three days, so after goes school, I’ll have to go out too, so little girl if you don’t hear from me, you know the reason I can’t write, although if I come in Thursday for gas school, I’ll drop you a line, that’s about all. I’ll have time for. Our Battalion gas N.C.O’s had to give a demonstration on gas Saturday, I had to show the proper way in throwing an incendiary grenade, (I hit the target too).

Well kido I’ll have to sign off cause it’s time for bed, and do keep the writing kido.


Say hello to your folks for me, and I wish your Mom Happy Mother’s Day.

(De un muchacho que te ama para sempre)

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