"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Fired The Guns

May 6, 1943

Dearest Mary,

Well little girt here it is Thursday, we came in from the field early today, so here goes. We fired the guns today, and we didn’t do bad at all, we hit our target in four rounds, pretty good for rookies! Guess what, I got both of your letters today, gee kido you’re really on the ball! Gee I like that no kiddin, I guess I ow your about three, but I’ll try and make them up, O.K.?

You ought to see us Mary, when we go out on a bivouac! What a kick, we dig fox holes sleep on the ground and eat of mess kits, what a life! boy I’m right in there with the cooks tho, if they don’t like a guy, they can really show him a bad time, and they have to take it.

I sure wish I could have been dancing with you Mary! But we’ll make up for it! and how, man I can’t wait til I get my furlough so we can go out and raise heck, and get a few things straight, if you know what I mean.

Well kido this is going to be cut short, cause I’ve got some work to do, so until tomorrow O.K.?


P.S. #1 Say hello to your folks for me.
P.S. #2 And a big schmuntz!

That was really a swell poem Mary, I’ll put it in my locker, so I can read it daily O.K.?

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