"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Fire 48 Guns

Aug 19, 1943
7:30 P.M.

Hello Darling,

I got your letter today and honey, when you write to me like you do I feel as tho I could tear the world apart. About Pop after this I’ll call him Geo. O.K., thanks for telling me kid.

This morning hon we went on a little hike and all the time I was walking I would picture how swell it would be if we were together. I got to thinking about all the funny things we did when I was home, and about all the fun we could have together, honest honey we’re really going to make a go of it cause were two of a kind, honey I love you. Brennan just left, he came in and asked me if he could go, that is he has a date, we were going to the show together, so it looks as tho I’ll have to go alone, now if I can find Butler I’ll be set, one of the boys is going with a girl and he fixed it so Bren could get one, so it looks as tho he did. theres a pretty good show tonight so I guess I’ll take it in., Gee honey I feel sentimental as heck (did I spell that write?) anyway hon I feel as tho I could improvise something, sometime I’ll try. This after noon I had to work down at the motor shop I had to build a special box for them, so they call on me (check that kid) any way I’m suppose to be the Btry (car-painter) carpenter, ahem, anyway it took me all afternoon, which takes up a lot of time and that’s what I like, anyway when I’m busy the time goes faster, so that means I’ll be with you all the faster.

Tomorrow is really going to be a big day cause, the whole division, is going to fire 48 guns all at once, and it will probably last all day, we are going to fire over the heads of thousands of men, I hope we make out O.K. just so no one gets hurt that the main thing.

Honey I guess I misunderstood you about going to S.F., I guess I was in one of those stupid moods. Honey I’m sure glad that you’re getting my mail more often now cause, I’m sure getting yours.

Hon I’ll have to close now cause Butler is waiting for me. Darling I love you with all my heart.

Say hello to Lil and Geo., also Grandma and pa for me! O.K.?

Love and Kisses

(I Love You Darling)

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