"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Depends On The Situation

June 25, 1943

Dearest Mary,

Gee I had better get on the ball and do some writing, we really had it tough going this week, and not one of us had any time to write, since my chief of section left I’ve been taking over his job, and it really drives a guy half nuts with the men going on furlough, half the time we haven’t got a section, four of them are on K.P. and two are on their furloughs, and they expect me to keep up with the other sections, what a life! I’m the only one in the Btry. area today, the rest of the Btry. went out on the rifle range to fire, the reason for my being here is that I’m charge of quarters, gee did I get a bawling out this morning. I was suppose to get the cooks up at 3:00 A.M. and I over slept, thats me! Always screwing up the works, anyway they got out there on time.

Yesterday Carole Landis flew in from Hollywood I guess! Anyway we had to parade for her, she doesn’t look to hot either, they say she’s a good sport tho one of the boys from “A” Btry had to meet her and show her around the camp, I wonder what she thought, I can imagine! We all feel the same way. Last night we had to give a show for the Battalion, what fun! An open air show, you know? our orchestra consisted of one piano, drums and two gitars pretty good huh? Then there were five of us who had to get up and sing, I think my knees are still shaking, boy were we ever nervous. then we had some comedians they were darn good! It only lasted an hour, and I thought it was pretty good, cause we only had a few hours to rehearse.

Mary! about my furlough they have changed the number of day home, and traveling time, so by rights I should get 14 days, I’ll have to tell them I’m going by train or I won’t get those extra days, I’m not sure if I have to show them tickets or not. if I told them I was going by train and went by plane, they might raise a little heck, cause they usually want to know, how, when and where, you are going, so if something came up they could get in touch with you. gee the way things are going I can’t say for sure just when I can leave here, it won’t be long tho and I’ll send you a telegram just where and when to meet me O.K.?

Mary I received two letters from you Monday, it was about time! Boy when I didn’t get one Sunday no one could talk to me, boy was I ever in a bad mood. see what happens when you don’t write, I didn’t feel any to good anyway, it seemed like every bone in my body ached, I guess it was from boxing the day before, boy I feel right in the pink now tho, I got a letter from Mom and she said something about you phoning her. I received my class “A” pass so now I can leave the camp just so I’m back at 11:00 that night, that is from retreat to 11:00 except on Saturdays, now we can go out and have a little fun, I’m going in to town tonight and see if I can get a good cap and tie, then we might go swimming, (it all depends on the situation) as we always say, when we can’t answer a question. Boy is it ever hot here, this is no fooling Mary, we can go out in the morning at 7:30 and at 10:00 o’clock our clothes are all wet from perspiration, so at noon we always change into other fatigue clothes. oh me I guess we’ll live through it tho. If this is getting boring Mary, excuse it huh cause there really isn’t much more to write about. What do you think of my typing I think I’ll get there – in five years or so – ha, I took it up in the nineth grade, I really wish I had kept it up now, cause it does come in handy at times around here.

Gee there isn’t a thing I can think of to write about so I’ll have to sign off until tomorrow, for sure!


say hello to your Mom & Pop for me.

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