"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Danced Twice

Sunday March 21, 1943

Dearest Mary,

Hi, little girl, how are you? Received your letter yesterday and it sure was swell to hear from you. Who is that beautiful little girl in the picture? Gee Mary, you really do look swell, is that your new hair-do? If it is it suits you perfectly, of course I had to show all my buddies your pictures, and they thought you were the ideal, and so do I. I’ve got your picture right in front of me
now, and every few lines I have to stop and look at you Mary, gee kido you really are attractive you know. Mary I got my first pass last night, I wanted to go to Memphis, Tennessee but missed the train, so I went to Grenada, it’s a little town just outside of camp it certainly was crowded, but we managed to get where we wanted, I bought a new cap and some towels, then I had my picture taken. I won’t be able to get the proofs until next week Mary, I hope they turn out O.K. and if they do kido I’ll send you one O.K.?

We also went to a U.S.O. dance which wasn’t too good, I only danced twice, well I wouldn’t call it dancing, you know how it is Mary there’s then soldiers to one girl, you just get started dancing, and your tagged.

Well that was enough for me, I happened to sit next to an old lady who was formerly from Calif. She said she live in San Francisco, and also in South Gate. So I told her about you, she asked me if I liked Mississippi, I told her frankly no and she said she didn’t blame me, after coming from a beautiful state like Calif. We really had quite a talk, she introduced me to her husband, who graduated from Annapolis Naval Academy, he is retired now though. Gee Mary I’m so glad to hear that your brother is home, I’ll bet he looks swell, huh, tell him I said hello and wish him the best of luck in every way, and the same to your folks Mary, O.K.?

I’ll probably take in a show tonight, Abbot and Costello are playing in “It Ain’t Hay” it’ll probably be good if they’re in it. I saw those shows you spoke of, they were really good. We sure do have some swell shows here, that’s one thing that is good. Gee Mary I’m awfully sorry I didn’t write to you at all last week, but I really haven’t had a chance to write to any one, Saturday night and Sunday are the only chances we get to write now, cause they really keep us busy here.

I’ll do my best to write soon, and please do the same O.K.

Til later,


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