"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Cost To Fly

July 7, 1943

Dearest Mary,

Here goes again little girl, we had a dust storm yesterday evening caused from a “twister”, gee it last for about an hour, for a while I thought the barracks were going to take off, there is about an 1/8” of dust in all the barracks and the mess hall. good experience tho, ha. Last night I had Joe releave me and I went over to the 312th Medics to see my buddies, they just got in from S.F. on their furlo, I really got the low down, Mary, they told me that I would be better off taking a train, they said by flying it would cost $108.00 one way, and, then they slap a $35.00 tax on you, I knew about the cost to fly, but not about the tax, they also said that I could be taken off any where along the line, if I didn’t have a priority, and I’d have to get one from my commanding officer, then knowing that I was going to fly, I wouldn’t get 14 days, cause they just give us six days home and traveling time, it won’t take me but three nights and two days, so I really do think that would be the best Mary, no kiddin!

Tomorrow I’m going to try and go out in the field and find out just when I can go, then I’ll go into town and get my ticket, gee if my furlo started next Monday that would be the 12th I could leave here Saturday, on my class “A” pass, gee that would give me two days there, boy I’m sure going to do some talking, wish me luck huh and I’ll send you a telegram as soon as I leave, and every town we stop in O.K.?

Mary my buddies said they knew when they hit Calif. just by the weather, they said it was wonderful, man! I still can’t wait. Are you all set kido? Boy I am, rarin to go, this waiting around is driving me nuts, how about you?

Right now I’m listening to Harry James – boy what an orchestra, he’s really on the ball!

Well little girl I had better get on the ball and clean this place up. and I’ll try and get a line or two off this after noon, if I can find or think of something to say

Love a a big Schmuntz,


Say hello to you Mom & Pop for me, also Lil and Nancy.

I’m still out of stamps so excuse it huh


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