"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Commander Was Busted

June 16, 1943

Dearest Mary,

Boy is it ever hot, and am I ever corked, I should be in bed, but I thought Id better write or else, ha We had to work til about 12:00 P.M. last night digging those darn Howizters in, boy what a job! after we got thru digging our fox holes, we just fell down and went to sleep. Then getting up at 4:30 was the pay off! We were supposed to be attacked and so we maned the gun and went threw a problem, until 8:00, after we won that battle we went back to camp. Mary! remember me saying how disgusted I was, well now more than ever my moral is higher than ever, and that goes for the whole Btry. cause our Btry Commander, was busted today, he was suppose to take care and inspect our Howitzers when we came in today, and while we were slaving away, he was taking a shower, and our Major caught him, so that was that. are we ever happy cause now we have one of our officers that left back again, and he was made our Btry commander. were really fighting fools now, no kiddin Mary it just goes to show what a difference it makes in the men, when you have a man to lead them, we would go threw Hell for him, I just found out today that my sgt. wont leave until next Monday he only gets 8 days and I guess I’ll leave when he gets back. Gee I can hardly wait, I’m telling you Mary all I can think about is being with you! and the fun we are going to have I won’t be able to make reservations til I find out for sure just what day I am to go, boy and counting the days, I see these other fellows going and it really gets me down. gee Mary I’m going to say! and say it again that I really hope we do make out O.K. cause I still can’t get over it Mary, when you said you would wait for me, (that’s if) gee it would be swell to have a little gal to come home to, so little girl I’m going to try real hard to get you O.K.? that’s no kiddin either. How you had a good time in Santa Monica, its real swell there now I’ll bet! is that where you go swimming Mary, or (down Long Beach way) anyway we’ll go to the best spot O.K.? Well (Big Mary) ha ha I’ll have to say good night now cause I have to hit the hay, so I’ll be rearin to go tomorrow, sweet dream, until tomorrow.



Hello to you folks, Lil and Nancy.


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