"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Cold Ground

April 9, 1943
Camp McCain, Miss.

Dearest Mary,

I received your letter yesterday but this is the first chance I’ve had to write. It was really swell to hear from you Mary, although I guess you already know that. The day before yesterday we went on an over night motor hike, hooked our guns to the trucks and took off, we moved into our positions about two o’clock, went through some guns drills and the rest of the afternoon we played baseball, boy what fun, although our section lost, I guess it was because of my pitching. I use to be able to pitch a softball pretty good, but I guess I’m getting stale, but I did strike the battery commander out twice. That night we moved into another positions just like we would in battle, we pitched out pup tents and tried to go to sleep, that’s another think I’ll have to get use to, is sleeping on the cold ground. That morning we ate and headed back for camp. Yesterday was the big day, remember I told you we were going to fire sometime this week? Yesterday was the day, I guess we were all pretty excited, you see Mary we are given a certain range to fire into, and those shells had better land there, or else. We all got away from the gun the first time we fired, boy what a bang it makes, it actually shakes the ground all around, the next time we fired we had to stay right beside the gun, we didn’t mind the noise but it’s that waiting around after the gun has been loaded that gets you. Our battery did so well in firing, that they gave us party tonight, some of my buddies had their wives down, gee Mary I sure wish you could have been here, we really had a lot of fun.

Mary, did I tell you about that poster I drew? Well, anyway I drew a picture of a P-38 darn near to scale, and our Battalion Commander who is Colonel Williams happened to see it, and he thought it was a swell job, so today I had to report to him, so I did that pronto. He wants me to draw a B-24 flying over the ocean, with a sunset, boy what a job huh. I was really scared when I first went in, but after talking to him for a while he makes you feel as if you’ve known him for some time, he told me about his experience in the Philippines, you know when those yellow-bellies took over. He flew back in a B-24, and that’s why he wants me to draw it. He took me over to his room and gave me all of the things I needed. He really is one swell man. I hope I get in good with him so when I ask for my transfers it will be a cinch, cause he’s nuts about planes and so am I.

Next time you see Anne, tell her I said hello, also Mrs. Alexander and Jean. I don’t know what to think about little Jean, but here’s a little poem that I think is cute.

Some ____

Nice night, in June
Stars shine, big moon
In park, on bench
With girl, in cinch
Me say, me love
Me smart, me fast
Never let chance past
Get hitched me say
She say O.K.
Wedding bell ring, ring
Honeymoon, every thing
Settle down, married life
Happy now, good life.

Another night in June
Stars shine, big moon
Ain’t happy no more
Carry baby, walk floor
Wide mad, she fuss
Me mad, me cuss
Life one, big mess
Nagging wife, yelling brat
Realize, at last
Me Go Damn Fast

If you get the chance Mary, tell Jean to think it over, cause when takes the final step, it’s for life, although it’s pretty hard to tell one something when they’re in love.

Mar, once again I’ll say that what I wrote sound funny, but it’s something I can’t explain. Say hello to your folds for me, and when I write to my Mom I will tell her you said hello.

I don’t know, or I should say I’ve never met Liz, but say I said hello, is she the one that is going to see her boyfriend back here?
There isn’t much more to say Mary only that starting tomorrow I have to go to school, for an hour every day for a month, it’s learning about different gasses, and protection for them. Another corporal and I from this battery have to attend.
Do write soon.


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