"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Clean The Rifles

May 13, 1943

Dearest Mary,

Received a letter from you today and also yesterday, gee I tried to write last night but I’m tell you Mary they just don’t give us time to do any thing here. Yesterday we went out on the rifle range, we got up, ate, got our packs and rifles ready, and marched 5 miles to the range, man! what a work out. I didn’t shoot a bad score (226 average out of a possible 300) anyway, we were out there for 12 hrs. and then had to march in again, and when we go back we had to clean the rifles, so that is why I couldn’t write, we had a pretty tough day today they have us clean up our Howitzer, so you could darn near eat off of it, then we had to go out in the field into position, and get it all dirty again, I guess they enjoy watching us clean it, any way its good practice.

This evening after we put the flag to bed, we had a little entertainment, two boys had an argument and had to settle it, (with gloves) it was really a kick, neither of them could box, and they would take these long drawn out swings, it was a riot! anyway it was a draw, they both were so darn tired they couldn’t stand up. Tonight is really the first night this week I’ve had to do anything, so I thought I had better get off a line or two, although I still have a little work to do, which won’t take very long. I think I know how you feel about wanting to go to the islands Mary, and if you get the chance to go, go! Cause it will be a chance in a million, you know how I feel about your wanting to go, but if that’s what you want kido I’d go regardless of what, how do your folks feel about your wanting to go? I just happened to think we both use the same stationary ha, ha. I like it myself tho,

I always though you knew Mom remarried, gee I’m sorry I didn’t tell you Mary, Mom and Frankie, that’s what we call him have been married since December 20th 1941, he’s really a swell egg he works for Golden Glow Brewery, he’s Swiss, and plays a swiss accordion and so do I, and do we ever have the fun, have you ever danced to swiss music Mary? if you haven’t I’ll have to teach you, gee its really fun, and the music really peppy we will have to go to a swiss dance in L.A. I think I know where they hold them Boy was it ever hot today, and its going to get worse from what the tell us anyway I think I can take it. Gee Mary I do hope your Mom, get to feeling better, Say hello to your folks for me, cause I’ll have to sign off right now, cause I have to hit the hay, well little girl I’ll do my best to get a letter off tomorrow.



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