"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Charge of Quarters

April 25, 1943
Camp McCain, Miss.

Dearest Mary,

Well little girl here it is Easter Sunday, I got up at five this morning and went to the seven o’clock mass, you ought to see our little church Mary, they had three Easter Lillies on the alter this morning, I guess that was all Father Cashman could get, it sure looked nice tho, I was unable to go to the field mass I told you about Mary, cause I am charge of quarters today and tomorrow.

This morning after mass, I had to put several men on details, and did it ever make them sore, but those were orders from the first sergeant, so that was that.

Gee Mary I sure have been down in the dumps lately, I don’t know what the heck is the matter, I just can’t seem to get on the ball, as they say in the Army. maybe it’s because I didn’t hear from you yesterday and today, but I really do wish you would write more often Mary, even if it’s just a few lines cause Mary honestly your letters keep me going in this man’s army, Like the time you wrote during your lunch hour, gee I thought that was swell of you. I guess I’ve been down too because of the Air Corp, gee I sure have been worried sick about it, I had a talk with Lt. McCain, he’s our gun instructor, he’s about 22 years old, boy is he ever a swell guy to talk with you would thing he was about 30. He really inspired me in his talk tho. he said I could transfer, if I pass the cadet test, as soon as I get the chance Mary I’ll get my application and fill it out, so then if I pass, I’m all set so tonight I feel like a millions bucks, now if I received a letter today, (from my little gal?) I’d feel even better gee Mary don’t think I’m giving you heck cause, you sure are there when it comes to answering.

Well Mary did you have a nice Easter, I just know you did. Did you wear your Easter outfit? What’s the matter with me, of course you did, how about a picture of you Mary in your new outfit, I’d sure like to see it, and of course the little that’s wearing it, that’s the main thing. I got a letter from my Mom yesterday, she told me about my buddy who is some where in Africa, his folks haven’t heard from him since he left the port of embascation sp which was 4 months ago. I wrote to them and tried to cheer them up, I guess you and your folks know what it is like not to hear from Dick. Like Mom said no news is good news.

Gee Mary that is all I can think of saying right now, before I go to bed tonight, I have to do my washing – ha, ha we have a laundry in camp but they put so much lye in the water that it darn near eats up your clothes.
Until tomorrow Mary.

Say hello to you folks for me.

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