"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Changing Our Minds

Aug 17, 1943.
6:30 P.M.

Hello Darling:

Guess what? I got three letters from you today, and I didn’t know when to start, and you sent them all air-mail gee honey they really get here in a hurry now, only two days. Hey what’s this deal about over sleeping kid, your copying my stuff, boy that’s all I use to do, boy can I ever sleep, you ought know. (ahem)

Honey that’s too bad about your car, I wish I was there, I’d have looked the son of a gun up. that’s enough to burn anyone up. Say kid tell Van to watch how he talks around my gal, I don’t go for it, or maybe he was just in one of those moods, I know you don’t pay any attention to that but honey I don’t like to hear any one talk that way in front of women, Frank has a very bad habit of slipping, and it makes me so damn mad, I really get after him if he does tho, and he knows it, any way hon tell Van I said hello, and tell him your man it O.K., right on the ball, sometimes I wonder the way I walk around here, always in a daze. I really did work today tho honey, we had all day to clean our guns and I had charge of the section, and we really got along swell, usually there is lot of hell raising between the men, but today it went O.K. for some reason.

Honey what did you mean about me not getting much of a chance for dates, honey even if I could get a date you know darn well I wouldn’t go out, darling I’m going to marry you so why should I want to go out, any way there’s not a girl in the south that could even compare with my honey, (so there) (don’t mention nothing) (Yo) have I ever got a gal, she’s a little pigeon, as Butler says. Honey I checked that (little chick) stuff, although I think I lost 5 lbs, after that work out yesterday.

Gee honey that was really tough to take, after being married 14 yrs, and darling I’ll never be anything but on the level with you, you know what? I almost got sick when you mentioned about either of us ever changing our minds, honey promise that you’ll never say that again, cause I darn near want to cry when I think of it, I guess I’d really go to the dogs if anything like that ever happened, so promise. O.K. and honey I don’t blame you for crying, I guess I would have to, had I been there.

Hey nut about me drinking you don’t have to worry cause I don’t care to unless I’m with you, but thanks anyway, ha, ha,
I mean about letting go to it, ha, ha, honey you slay me honest.

Darling I got your pictures and are the ever swell. Honey you know what your beautiful, boy oh boy, and pop man, he looks like he was having the time of his life in that lake, honey you would have to send me one of the lake, and me down here, about a 100 miles from any kind of water, oh well some day we’ll make it. Nancy looked swell, she’s all set with the boys here, honey your taken.

Nut after I finish this letter to you I’m going down to the P.X. with Butler and Brennan and we are going to kill about ten cokes, boy am I dry, then we may decide to go to a show, something to get away from Army life. So darling I’ll close now, until tomorrow then, and honey I love you. – so there.

Love and Kisses

Say hello to Lil and pop, and all for me.

I love you darling an I miss you something awful, and I pray that this thing will be over soon so that we can be together always.

(I Love You)

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