"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Can’t Keep A Good Man Down

Aug 25, 1943
7:00 P.M.

Hello Darling:

Hon I have charge of a hard labor detail tonight gee its really strenuous, no honey I’m at Battalion Hq. and I have charge of one man, he went over the hill and got a few days hard labor, he’s cleaning the floors now, and I’m here just to keep an eye on him there is really no need for it tho, cause he’s O.K. but it was said yesterday that anyone going over the hill will get full penalty, that is 6 mos. or more, they had been letting the men get by with 45 days hard labor and about $15.00 fine.

Hon we really had it tough today, another Btn. test. boy and did we ever work, honest hon my clothes were all wet when we came in, and that goes for the rest of the fellas, hon when we pulled into position we prepare for action, then we start digging and the ground was really hard in that spot, and we were right out in the hot sun, just before we were getting ready to start for camp, I had to take a damn salt pill!! and I got sick as all heck, honest hon that’s the first time I ever did get sick like that and it sure made me mad, gee the Sgt. came running over to see what was the matter, told him that I was just sick to my stomach, after a few minutes rest I was up and about again as good as new, nut! you can’t keep a good man down!! ha, ha, (ahem) I think I’m pretty good, don’t I.

Darling I didn’t get any mail from you yesterday but I got one today, and it sure came in handy, cause I was in a bad mood today. I guess every one has their off days tho.

Hon, when you said that you went to communion it sure made me feel good cause, perhaps real soon now we will both be able to go together, I have to go for my instructions again tomorrow night.

Gee hon, when you write and tell me that you want to be real close so that we can be married, it sure makes me feel swell hon, cause I feel the same way, I don’t think it will be too far off if I can help it.

Today I got a swell package from Mae and Fred Katzl, hon it was real swell of them, gee they sent me cigarettes, candy, and a swell card, honey when a soldier gets something like that, it really does something to them.

If I get time tonight I’m going to draw a floor plan of a house and honey you can tell me what you think of it, they have a drawing out fit up here and so I can use it, but honey we’ll draw up the plans to our new house together, gee today while I was out in the field, that’s all I had on my mind, is our future home. that is beside you nut!!

Honey I don’t like “Chow Mein”, but hon I’ll eat it just for you, even if it is hard to down ha, ha,!! It looks as tho things are working out swell for Nancy, and Jimmy, hope they make it soon. Now honey about your ring, honey when I get home or when we can pick out a suitable place for me to transfer to we’ll go shopping for one (huh) cause hon I want you to pick it out, cause you may not like my taste if I got one, so it’s a deal O.K. nut!! it won’t be long either.

Honey I am now waiting for your cookies, my mouth is watering now. no kiddin!!

Hon I’ll close for now until tomorrow then, I love you darling, and am thinking of you all the time.

Say hello to all.


(I love you darling)

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