"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Call A Rapid Occupation

Aug 24, 1943
6:00 P.M.

Hello Darling:

I was unable to write to you yesterday cause we didn’t get back from the field til about 6:00, hon, that corp test was to last 2 hours and it took all day, we moved into position about 9:30 A.M. and our problem was suppose to start at 11 :00, so we had to dig fox holes an slit trenches, boy what a work out we had – then word came down to eat chow, boy that sounded good – just as we were going to get in line to eat the command came to move out and into another position, this is what they call a rapid occupation!! every thing is on the double, honey we didn’t have a thing to eat all day long, boy we were really starved, and we didn’t get to fire our gun, the 3rd and 4th sections did tho, after coming back to camp we finally ate, honest hone our “stomachs thought our throat was cut” ha, ha, after eating – it was like a bunch of wolve going at it. any way hone we had to clean our guns, after that we cleaned up, and honey I was so darn tired, I didn’t think you would mind if I didn’t write. I’ll try and make it up tonight, hon its time for me to go to church for my lessons, I’ll be right back – 8:00 – Hon I just got back and gee do I ever feel good cause before, we saw father Herbst, I went and said a real long prayer, hon I prayed for you, and that we get married real soon, and that we will be happy always, also hon, that our children are beautiful like my honey, then I prayed that I would make the Air Corp after that hon we went and had our lessons we completed 11 lessons tonight, honey he really explained things swell, Joe Wright and I are going to convert the same time, we both have our catechism books, and so far were doing O.K., gee honey it won’t be long before I’m baptized. Won’t that be swell hon!! – Honey there’s a division artillery dance tonight, but hon I really don’t care to go, cause I’m a busy man!! ha, ha, anyway I don’t care to go to them unless I’m with you. It looks as tho Nancy, is getting the boys on the ball, but maybe honey she may lose both of them in the long run, anyway hon she has a mind of her own, but I don’t think it is right, but hon that’s none of my business, and I wont say anymore about it. I wonder whats up – I mean about R.J. gee maybe he’s out some place hon and is unable to write, that’s the way it is sometimes hone, he’s O.K. hon, so please don’t worry. Honey I cant understand why you haven’t been getting my mail, cause honey I’ve written to you every day, and sometimes twice, gee it must be the mail, and hon I didn’t get a letter from you today either, and I was in a bad mood today too, but after going to church I feel swell now.

Hey nut: you really have a time with your hair don’t you, honey I like it anyway you fix it. And honey I don’t mind if you go to those USO dances, but hon don’t go and meet some handsome brute now!! Mary I love you!! and if I ever thought I’d lose you, I’d really go nuts, darling all you have to do is remember that this little boy back in Miss. loves you. (check the little, ha),

Hon do you know that your keeping me in suspense, come on now nut, tell me what you bought in L.A., and I promise not to laugh, and If I do, you can slug me – two times even ha, ha, honey your sure cute!! Darling I know you’ll make the best little wife ever – and darling I’ll do my part too. Gee Mary things did work out swell for us didn’t they, and darling (you’ll never know) what it was to leave you that night at the station. This morning I went over to the edge of the woods and read your letters, gee hon when I get them I read them over and over, then I go into my deep trance picture how swell it would be if we were together, gee hone I pray that it won’t be to far off till we can get married, in Mom’s letters she says the same thing, gee hon I’ll have to close now, and I’ll write tomorrow night.

Darling I love you and missing you isn’t the word for it, it’s something bigger than that.

Hon say hello to Lil and Geo. and when you write to R. J. tell him I said hello, also Grampa and ma.

Love, Bob


Darling I love you

Honey if you’ll notice on the back of the envelope, I put (S.W.A.K.) honey that means (Sealed With A Kiss.)

Cute huh, so now can do it, then I’ll get a kiss from!! O.K.??

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