"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Busy Street

April 18, 1943
Camp McCain, Miss.

Dearest Mary,

Hi again little girl, received your letter today, and, will you know how I feel about getting them. I sure wish I could have gone shopping with you Mary, cause that is one of the things I enjoy doing. I’ll bet those shoes really look classy, or should I call them pumps? Any way whatever they are called I still think they look plenty sharp, and “checked” pajamas kinda flashy don’t you think? We’ll just skip the hose – Ha ha. My version of having fun Mary is when I go shopping, park the car on a busy street and watch the different types of people, I really get a kick out of that especially watching their actions. 22 years

Today was my birthday, April 19, so the boys took me out, we went to the servicemen’s club, and ate ice cream till we darn near busted – what gluttons don’t you think. Gee Mary I got the most beautiful wrist band from my Mom it’s really the thing, boy is she ever thoughtful, she thinks of just the thinks I would enjoy having.
I saw the Chaplin tonight, boy he’s really O.K. He gave me several catechism books; one was published in 1878 by Rev. Joseph Deharbe S.J. It goes into detail more than the others, it’s his special book so I have to be very careful with it – he also gave me a pamphlet to mail to St. Louis it’s of the catholic church they send you books, and you have to answer questions, the purpose of it is, if I get shipped to another camp that I can always keep in touch with the church and my studying. Mary, I had hopes of converting before Easter but I guess it takes a little longer.
I now have to go to the Field Art. gas school, 26 hours learning all about gases, how they smell, protection for them and first aid – after I am taught that, I have to teach a class – that’s going to be plenty tough, I’ve never have done any thing like that before, but I’ll give them the best that’s in me.

I received a letter from Mom saying that you answered her letter, and she said that you write a perfect letter an she feels that she practically knows you too gee I think that’s swell Mary. I just have a feeling things will work out in our funny setup. Just five more weeks and my Basic is up, then it’s the Air Corp or bust boy I’m really determined to make it Mary cause that’s my ambition at the present time. Gee little girl it’s time for bed check so I’ll have to get going I hope this letter wasn’t too boring Mary, and please excuse the writing, that’s another thing I’m going to improve is my penmanship.

Do write soon – and don’t get any more colds I don’t want my little girl sick. O.K.



P.S. Mom sends her love – and also big “Schmutz” from me – you will have to ask a Swiss to find out what that means. And Mary I do want to wish you and your folks, a very enjoyable Easter. Gee I’m sorry I couldn’t get you anything Mary they don’t even have Easter cads around her, but I’ll try and make it up in some other way.
(good night now)

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