"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Bob Hollywood Fuchs

June 17, 1943

Dearest Mary,

Well here goes again, I went to a show tonight, saw (Five Graves to Cicero) or some thing, it was pretty good, that’s about all a guy can do around here for entertainment, although we do have fun.

I got a letter from Mom today and she said a neighbor of ours is going to try and fix it up so I can fly back here on a bomber, that will really be O.K. huh cause then I’ll have more time at home and with you! Mom is kinda mixed up, she thought you were going to Berkeley, but I already wrote and told her that I was going to L.A. first, and that you and I were going together Mary! you’ll probably get a letter, saying that she is expecting you so don’t worry over it. one of these days I’m going in and have a talk with our new B.C., he’s really swell, that’s about the Air Corp. I’ve already talk to him but he couldn’t do anything for me at the time, now that he’s our commander I think he’ll help me out, lets hope so any way, I have my application for the Flying cadet, all I have to do is fill it out and get permission to take the test and I’m set, that providing I pass.

You ought to here what they call me here kido, well here goes! (Bob Hollywood Fuchs) I happen to mention at one time that, that is what the army call an acting corporal, so its stuck and do I ever get mad, I can take it tho

Mary when we get to Berkeley I’m going to take you out to Freddies place you know in Livermore then he’ll get his gal and we’ll go steppin. what fun. I hope their giving a swiss dance someplace, I remember the first time Freddy and I learned to dance, what a kick. We use to be wall flowers, until the last dance and then get up nerve enough to ask a girl to dance. I’ll bet you learn easy as heck, casue I know you can dance real good, don’t forget you’ll have to show me some new steps.

As yet I haven’t found out when I’m to leave well it won’t be long any how, guess what my hair is coming in pretty good, I thought it would never start to grow for a while there.

Well kido I’m going to have sign off now, and here’s still hoping you know what I mean?



Hello to your folks and Lil and Nancy.




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