"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Big Inspection Today

Aug 9. 1943
8:30 P.M.

Hello Darling,

Well here it is Monday, gee I’m really counting the days. Hon we sure had a real big inspection today, that is of the guns and trucks man! we worked down at the motor park all day, and did we ever work, cleaning all our equipment, and what I mean they have to be clean, so this afternoon the big shots came around and looked things over. and was it ever hot, hon it gets us so darn mad cause the ground is the real fine dust and when we get under the trucks we gel all dusty, and at the same time we sweat, therefore that equals (mud) so that means we hae to wash our clothes, oh me, what a life, (sure wish I was with you darling)

Honey guess what I went and did or done ( pardon me so much) well after retreat, Evansn and I went down to the P.X. and I had four beers, but they didn’t effect me as much as the time at the Brewery.

Honest hon I can’t understand why you haven’t received my mail cause I’ve written you everyday except for Friday, when were in the field all night, it must be the darn mail nut, cause Ive been sending them all air mail, gee hon if you can spare the doe send yours air mail too huh, cause then honey I’ll hear from you real soon.

Honest honey I thing its swell that your buying bonds, I realize it will make the pay check look small, but that’s one way of saving, and don’t worry about your fur coat, cause I can always go out a shoot a couple (squirrels) ha, ha, I’ll bet you’d like that. (I’m not saying)

Tell Van I said hello, even if I don’t know him, I think he’s O.K., Honey about those cookies, send them regardless, I’ll see what I can do with em, don’ forget what I told you nut about me eating your cooking, so don’t worry about em. I’ll bet Lil and Pop are really have a time for them selves, if you write, tell em to have one on me, don’t forget now.

Gee darling will I ever phone on your birthday, how! (Oct. 20th) check? that will be on a Wednesday, so hon you an expect a call, gee just to talk to you nut will be wonderful so stand by kid.I checked the part you wrote in red hon gee I cant understand it, as I told you about the mail before.
Well hon I’m going to bed now cause were going to fire tomorrow for the record so I have to be on the ball.

And next when you write, tell me you love me, cause you ought to see me then man! I’m rarin to go and darling I’m telling you that I love you with all my heart. (Sleep tight Nut)


(I Love You)

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