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1 John 4:18

Army Pay

March 10, 1943

Camp McCain. Miss.

Dearest Mary,

Received your letter today and was sure glad to hear from you so soon, gee Mary I hope this correspondence keeps up, I know I’ll keep up my end. Oh yes Mary about going straight, I think I’ll make it this time, so far I’m doing O.K., and I’m trying to study every chance that I get – you know book learning, boy Mary I do hope that I can get into that Air Corp of ours, it’s really something to work for and I’m sure trying, it would be something if I could go home as a Flying Lieut. Boy would my Mom be proud, and I think a lot of other people would too. Mary I’m so glad you’re going to night school, I think that’s perfect, boy an education is something no one can take away from you, and that’s why I’m doing the same.

I’m awfully sorry to hear that your sick Mary, please take care of yourself hun everybody in camp has more or less got a cold, out of our division there are about 2,000 in the hospital, the weather out here has sure been awful, I guess that’s the reason for it. Although the majority of these boys can really take it, and about your going soft, I don’t think so, you just keep being tough, and you’ll make it kido.

Gee Mary I forgot to tell you that Kirmie made the Air Corp he’s on call everyday now, that makes three of my pals that are in now, and about Ed, he’s in the Navy, somewhere I the So Pacific, he’s never written to any of us we were kinda disappointed in him the lease he cold have done was drop a card.

Mary I’m awfully glad your brother is coming home he certainly deserves it, I know it will be a thrill to see him, I’ll be he really looks good.

Well kido I got my first Army pay today the full amount of $23.47 that is from Feb 9th to March 1, and to allow for deductions.

This evening we all went for a little walk about (5 miles) some one did something wrong and we all had to suffer for it, nice guy huh, I guess you’ll find that all over though.

I received a letter from my Mom, today, and she wrote all the dope about Berkeley, and stuff, gee Mary I sure do miss her, we use to have so much fun together, you know like when she would get home from work, and if I got home earlier I would do the house work, then we’d sit down over a cup of coffee, and talk about what we did at work that day, boy you know Mary I sure miss that cause she’s such a swell sport, I guess I shouldn’t express my feelings to you, cause I do think you understand, like I said before I do like this man’s army, and the thing to do right now is to work hard so we can get this damn (excuse the French) war over with so we can go back to the ones we love, and the things we like.

Gee Mary, there certainly are a lot a married men in the outfit and it’s really tough on them. Mary it’s time for the lights to go out (10:00 P.M.) so I guess I’ll have to close, and do write again, but quick huh, cause you sure do write a perfect letter Mary. If I could write half that good I’d be O.K.

Please give your folks my best regards.



P.S. Write a good long letter Mary, O.K.?

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