"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

Always Looking At You

June 4, 1943

Dearest Mary,

I received your letter today, I just had a hunch I’d get one. I wish I looked like a “red tomato” I guess I would be able to get my so called tan, my face and hands are sure tan, wish I could get the rest of my body like that, that’s a deal about taking you to the beach every day Mary the only trouble is that there aren’t any good beaches around San Francisco, so I guess we’ll have to spend a little time in the south, what do you think, Mary! like I said before, its up to you, but I’d like to get a little tan too.

Mom got a letter from my buddy Art, so she sent it to me. I wasn’t able to tell much but he’s in the best of health, and gets plenty to eat. he’s attached to a Bomber squadron in Africa he says he’s really going on tear when this thing is over, I guess that goes for all of us. I just hope I’m with a little girl named Mary, ha, boy that would be a deal. I’m writing this out side Mary, between the barracks on our so called lawn, its about 4 inches tall, the boys on hard labor are attempting to cut it, (by hand) you ought to see these barracks Mary, by the looks of them you would think the war would be over tomorrow ha, ha, no kidding Mary they are really put together cheap. Mary the boys want me to go to the P.X. with them so I’ll see you in a little while! O.K.?

Well kido here goes again, I just had a coke and some ice cream, it wasn’t bad either,
Mary I haven’t got a dresser to put your picture on, anyway I’m always looking at you, and I do a lot of pretending too, Mary when I get off that plane or train you better prepare your self, ha, for big (hug and a kiss) period. any way that is if its O.K. by you? don’t you think? There’s nothing like trying tho. gee I hope I do O.K., honest I’ve been trying to figure out just what I’m going to say or should I say act, cause it does bother me Mary, so help me and a little O.K.

Mary I think it would be swell if I went to L.A. first and then we could go to Berkeley together, but if you like it would be swell if you were in Berkeley too. gee I’m all mixed up, Mary you write aand tell me what you have planned and we’ll decide on that.

Gee little girl I have to straighten out my foot locker and shine my shoes, so I’ll sign off now little girl until tomorrow.


Say hello to your Mom and Pop for me and also R.J.


Ok yes Mary I forgot to tell you that I’m 6’ and weigh 190 lbs 3 oz, ha.

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