"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

A Pleasure To Stay Home

Aug. 29, 1943.
Sunday 2:00 P.M.

Hello Darling,

This is the first chance I’ve had to write to you in 3 days hon cause we were out in the field, although I did make an attempt to write out there but it was hot and the little paper I did have got all dirty, so I got mad and quit. so honey will you please excuse me this time. It was the first time that we went out of camp to go into a firing position, hon as we were going along the hiway, you could see the negros picking cotton in the field, then we went by a place where they bail it, I guess it was a cotton-gin, you know where all the seeds are taken out of the cotton. anyway we were having another corp test and we had to fire during the night. Honey when I say I’m out in the field I’m really not its just an expression the Army uses, it may be in the woods or swamps. While we were out there we killed another copper head snake it was just a small one, but I still hate them.

This morning I went to mass, and Joe Kapinus and I got there a little late so we had to go up stairs at the end of the mass, we sang, and it really sounded swell hon, honey you know Joe, he’s going to be there when I’m baptized, he’s really a swell guy hon, I guess he’d do just about any thing for me, and that goes for me too.

I got a letter from Mom today and she said that she had better get on the ball and write to you or you’ll disown her, she’s a kick honest hon.

I had to laugh nut, when you said you had forgotten the salt in the cookies!! but honey I wouldn’t have known the difference I’ll bet. Honey you don’t do much to entertain yourself do you, gee but I wish that I could be with you, then honey it would be a pleasure to stay home!! but gee honey I’m in the same boat. So my honey has the hives, I’ll bet they really do itch, I have this darn heat rash again hon, and that just about drives me nuts, anyway its starting to get a little cooler, and it’ll go away pretty soon, hon you must have eaten some tomatoes, cause they usually cause hives.

I hope that I can take my test for the air corp this week, so I we’ll know just what the score is. and darling if I do make it, I’m going to get into the 9th corp area that covers Calif, Utah, Arizona, so if I get into that corp I’ll be real close to you hon, then, we can get married darling I can’t wait til we do! honest!! you know nut, its going to be a little tough at first, but we’ll make it O.K. this morning I drew up those plans I’m not finished yet tho, and I’ll send them to you just as soon as I do. Honey I love you!! more than I can express in my letter, I guess I’m not so hot at it hon, but anyway I try.

Gee hon I’m glad you made up our minds about the wedding what did Geo. say about it? I guess he blew his top huh!! but hon your right about it being an expense.

I guess I’ll take in a show tonight, there’s nothing else to do, I did my washing for the week so now I’m all set for tomorrow. I’m also charge of quarters tomorrow, so I’ll write to you, Honey I’ll close now, and I love you with all my heart.

Love, Bob.

Say hello to Lil and Geo. and also Grandpa and ma, tell Nancy I said hello too!

I love you darling!!

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